Verizon-exclusive Cloud White Samsung Galaxy S20 gets pictured

Vlad, 24 April 2020

So far Verizon hasn't been selling the Samsung Galaxy S20, despite the fact that the carrier offers both the S20+ and the S20 Ultra. This will be rectified soon, and when the carrier nicknamed Big Red will have the S20 on offer, it will also get its own exclusive colorway - Cloud White.

Evan Blass has shared these official-looking press renders of the upcoming phone. It's nice to see no trace of Verizon branding anywhere.

Verizon-exclusive Cloud White Samsung Galaxy S20 gets pictured

If you're confused about the color, do note that it should have appeared in other markets, but in the US it will be exclusive to Verizon. Other carriers and retail channels in the US only get Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink, and Cosmic Black.

As for why it's taking this long for Big Red to launch the S20, that has to do with the fact that its model will be the only S20 version to support both Sub6 and mmWave 5G. The mmWave support is missing from every other S20 iteration across the world, and we're guessing that adding that in for Verizon has been a tad challenging, especially in a phone that's smaller than all other mmWave-capable devices that have come out so far.


Reader comments

It's hard to find a phone with mature and pure colours now days :(

Looks really nice

  • Mel

Very nicely new color but same built inside lol No thanks

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