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  • d
  • demone
  • PFM
  • 24 Oct 2005

yeah. only the rich spent on this phone. otherwise, they don't know where to spend their money on..

    • s
    • saq
    • jHN
    • 21 Oct 2005

    hi people i just have to say that instead of buying this phone look around and help the poor.

      • b
      • blq
      • mbp
      • 16 Oct 2005

      phone for very rich and very dumb people. nothing more to say.

        • l
        • lee gribbin
        • S35
        • 15 Oct 2005

        Well this shows that money can not buy style or fuctions,And the fact these phones sell proves that money can not buy brains!!

          • s
          • sam
          • PTn
          • 12 Oct 2005

          Is dis phone from d same peeps who manufacture the brand name nokia.Its just a brand name but anyway great to have.

            • P
            • P
            • 2Am
            • 09 Oct 2005

            Its not a phone,ITS A LIFESTYLE!Its all about proven technology,not the latest.

              • S
              • SE Supporterq
              • PFM
              • 30 Sep 2005

              i just wonder y some company make phones when they know it will not be successful n it is so bad that it cant even catch up with the market n technology?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • PZ9
                • 26 Sep 2005

                oh come on guys! I don't really care about all those gprs, camera stuff...

                I got myself the Platinum Signature.

                Who needs GPRS? I have a laptop that can do FAR FAR BETTER!!
                And who needs a low grade mobile built-in camera? I just bought myself a good 5MP digital camera...

                Oh by the way a 10MP digital camera was just released... I'll get one right away...

                  • d
                  • dan
                  • iIR
                  • 25 Sep 2005

                  i have three of these i love them

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • iFq
                    • 14 Sep 2005

                    hmmm, 22,000$ for a mobile? i think il stick to the usual 500@ SE and buy myself a nice o'e trans am instead, and maybe a small trip around the world!!

                      • K
                      • Kn
                      • j75
                      • 25 Aug 2005

                      the price and the phone don't match! bad choice.

                        • J
                        • Jajabing
                        • F4p
                        • 16 Aug 2005

                        Well...........this shows that not all rich people like "smart phones"..........

                          • b
                          • bwoywonder
                          • jiX
                          • 08 Aug 2005

                          I bought 1...took it back for refund and got a mercedes instead.

                            • M
                            • Mr.hustler
                            • 4dZ
                            • 28 Jul 2005

                            I'm going to get 3 jobs for this phone. Its worth working for.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • S9X
                              • 27 Jul 2005

                              this phone is very expensive for its function!!!!!! In Azerbaijan this phone costs 17.000 euro!!

                                • S
                                • Stuuuu
                                • SeL
                                • 22 Jul 2005

                                This phone looks good- il agree to that
                                But it does phuq all in terms of features- i mean come on- it hasnt even got gprs which all phones have now

                                  • M
                                  • MINI MI
                                  • mx7
                                  • 21 Jul 2005

                                  this fone is ssssssssssssik am gonna get it its baddddddddddddddddddddddddd bad am gonna het and it si a good fone

                                    • d
                                    • dzhuxy
                                    • S75
                                    • 12 Jul 2005

                                    I honestly think that this is a phone for rich(very rich)people to use.
                                    it has no special functions,it is supposed to be worn as a part of jewlery.I dont like it and if I had such a device in my pocket I would be afraid to carry it because of its price.
                                    No offences to the manufacturers or owners of this phone but money should be spent on more important things.