Video lock screen from Samsung Galaxy S9 now available on Galaxy S8 and Note8

Himanshu, 30 June 2018

The latest update for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Galaxy Note8 included a cool new feature that remain largely unnoticed. The functionality in question allows you to set a video as your lock screen wallpaper.

Here's the feature in action on a Galaxy Note8:

The functionality - which debuted on the Galaxy S9 series - arrived on the S8 series and Note8 with the update that also brought along the June security patch to these devices. To access video lock screen wallpapers, head to the Backgrounds tab of Samsung themes.

In case you want to use one of your own videos as lock screen wallpaper, open the video in the Gallery app, tap the three dots menu icon present on the top right corner, and then choose 'Set as background.'



Reader comments

  • LiLBE

go to settings then wallpapers and themes then search type video

  • Anna

Same thing with me! I have the latest updates and still can't find the video lock screen option in themes...! Can somebody help with this?

  • Darlington

the problem is that people just use smart phones to make call and play games....i have been using this update since the 5th of June. Also do you know that if you only have password or pin as your unlocking method helps you save more battery than when...