Visionox showcases second gen under-display camera prototype

Michail, 18 June 2021

ZTE is one of the smartphone makers expected to launch a device with an under-display camera later this year. We already got a sneak peek at a concept phone from ZTE touting the second-gen UD camera earlier this year but now Visionox showcased its development which will most likely arrive on an upcoming ZTE Axon series phone.

Visionox showcases second gen under-display camera prototype

The post shows Visionox’s InV see Pro display in the middle which touts a new and improved pixel arrangement for better clarity and less fogging on the embedded selfie camera. We can also observe a ZTE prototype device to the right outfit with the same Visionox panel.

Tipster Digital Chat Station shared that ZTE is preparing to launch its second-gen UD camera phone soon. We’ll certainly be on the lookout for more details on this development and hope to see better camera performance from the new ZTE device.

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Hooray for under-display cameras!!!

Or going to all the possible alternatives that are much better, in my first comment in this thread the two links I provided show two solutions that achieve the same goal of full and uninterrupted display + front facing camera, the Samsung solution in...

The notch in itself could be a great tech, but they just missed how to do it properly. The iPhone X should have had the display around the notch as a totally not addressable and only displaying the status icons, in two lines (as there are too few i...

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