vivo APEX 2020 teasers show design, camera and 60W wireless charging

Michail, 27 February 2020

With just a day left before its big unveiling, vivo’s APEX 2020 concept phone appeared in several promotional materials. The first one gives us a tour of the device, showcasing its waterfall screen and innovative camera setup. From the small glimpse, we can see the APEX 2020 comes with a periscope capable of 5-7.5X zoom while the bottom 48MP sensor is dubbed as a gimbal camera that is rumored to offer unprecedented image stabilization.

Next up we get a clue about the phone’s wireless charging capabilities which will top up at a blazing 60W. It’s still unclear how this solution works and if it will require a special charger but we should be getting more details tomorrow.

Lastly, we also get a teaser for the gimbal camera which will come with super steady micro PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom). This development should provide ultimate stabilization for images and videos as a clear step over existing optical image stabilization solutions.

vivo APEX 2020 wireless charging and gimbal camera teasers vivo APEX 2020 wireless charging and gimbal camera teasers
vivo APEX 2020 wireless charging and gimbal camera teasers

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-732843

2 big sensors just like 2 big eyes is an excellent approach ( I've said that a few times in some comments ) though I'd enjoy using zoom when I have no way of going 100+ meters forward of the camera or can't be asked to move.

  • AnonD-732843

Why do you fear the worst when you're not going to spend 1500+ ?

Waiting for a future phone that follows up this kind of tech, with just 2 big sensors. One that has Ultra Wide 18mm, with 3:2 ratio for Cinematography purpose (along with photo of course). One that has optically 28-85mm fast aperture, with ...

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