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Jan, 04 Nov 2022Is iqoo z3 5g supports augmented reality (ar)Yes it does.

    Shally-Wiz, 08 Oct 2021I got this phone for gaming and I experience little to no l... moreEnjoying awesome Jio 5G in India. With iQOO Z3, we get only N77 & N78 bands for 5G. Fortunately N78 band is used by Jio and thus able to enjoy it. Download speeds are reaching over 9 Mbps with 900 Mbps connection. Internet is superfast on 5G.

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      • Jan
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      • 04 Nov 2022

      Is iqoo z3 5g supports augmented reality (ar)

        Moleingang, 08 Oct 2022I played GI but battery drains too fast. What abt ur exp w... moreThe iQOO Z3 with its 4,440 mAh battery is a typical one day phone. The battery is lifted straight from their previous year's flagship iQOO 3 and thus support 55W fast charge. This is my primary phone now taking up the burden from my 5 year old Vivo V5 Plus.

        Z3 have excellent call quality over 4G, supports 4G aggregation. It has proper proximity sensor so no mistouch happens like calls going on hold, mute and even video calling during talking receiving calls. Currently running on Android 12, the Z3 with its Snapdragon 768G have a fluid and fast user experience. For INR 17.1K ($220, €209) for the higher 8/256 GB variant it is a very good phone.

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          • Moleingang
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          • 08 Oct 2022

          Spider cat, 20 May 2022Yep you should go for it. You can see reviews of techburner... moreI played GI but battery drains too fast.
          What abt ur exp with battery and Genshin impact

            Iqooz3, 16 Jul 2022Does IqOO z3 support 512gb and above sd card?No idea.

            Personally use a 256GB card, which works fine with iQOO Z3's internal 256GB UFS 2.2 internal storage. I do not require over 512GB memory in a phone ever in my life.

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              • Iqooz3
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              • 16 Jul 2022

              Does IqOO z3 support 512gb and above sd card?

                Manohar , 15 Jun 2022It is a good device with some compromise like display brigh... moreFor the price of INR 17.1K ($220, €209) of iQOO Z3, that too for 8/256 GB memory variant I cannot complain. It is the best deal for that price.

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                  • Manohar
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                  • 15 Jun 2022

                  It is a good device with some compromise like display brightness, display quality and speaker quality

                    Spider cat, 20 May 2022Yep you should go for it. You can see reviews of techburner... moreI was looking to buy a smartphone that will eventually replace my trusty primary phone. It's a 5 years old Vivo V5 Plus. I have a lot of flagship phones but I don't keep them as my primary phone. I have a specific set of requirements which needs to be fulfilled to be my primary phone which eventually iQOO Z3 succeeded in. These requirements were:

                    1) Dual 4G VoLTE SIM support.
                    2) Support for carrier aggregation for better data speed.
                    3) Exceptional call reception quality
                    4) Loud earpiece for taking calls
                    5) A dialer app with call recording facility, without letting the other guy know "Your call is being recorded".
                    6) A phone with average dimensions, not too compact not too large and within 190 grams weight.
                    7) Seamless transfer of my existing contacts & SMS messages to new phone
                    8) Moderately powerful SoC, with at least 8GB RAM
                    9) An FullHD IPS LCD display as they are more robust over OLED during accidental drops.
                    10) Presence of an audio jack, a must, along with minimum 128GB internal memory
                    11) Good battery backup with minimum 4000mAh battery, no need of fast charging
                    12) A phone within INR 20K ($250) range as it will be my daily driver, losing it won't hurt a lot.

                    I was able to grab the iQOO Z3 last month from Amazon India for INR 17.1K ($220, €209) during sale with card discounts. The price I paid is for the highest memory variant available here with 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 256GB of UFS 2.2 internal storage. We also get the option to expand the storage via microSD card.

                    Z3 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G SoC, and it surprised me with its performance. It arrived with Android 11 and the phone had no stutters or UI lags whatsoever. It was butter smooth. Upgrading to Android 12, slowed the phone by a bit and app opening time have increased. But this slowness is more related to Android 12 as Google have made massive changes with this version. This level of UI changes was last seen way back on Android 5. However 768G with the help of 8GB RAM effortlessly churns through daily tasks with no hiccups on Android 12. The phone will have Android 13 next year.

                    I will never play games on this phone, but I have heard the phone is a potent midrange game centric device with five-layer Liquid Cooling System, comprising a liquid cooling pipe, 5814mm graphite layer sheet, cooling copper foil, thermal gel and six temperature sensors. This means even under very hot conditions the phone will throttle very less like shooting videos. It has a beefy cooling system onboard, something we often overlook while buying phones but becomes very important for the longevity of the internal components. While using the phone I have never felt it became hot.

                    768G's comes with an advanced modem for its price, and the phone supports all 4G bands in India. It has dual 4G VoLTE support with carrier aggregation. Data speeds are good but could have been even better. I have heard this phone supports only single band carrier aggregation. I have to check. I am not too keen on 5G right now, I believe it will take around 5 years to make it commercially viable to common people over here. However the phone supports n77 & n78 bands of 5G. Call quality is decent, earpiece is ample loud. The Vivo dialer in Z3 makes me very happy as call recording happens without notifying others. Overall I can say iQOO have made the basics right with Z3. It a phone above all and network reception is very good with no call drops.

                    When it comes to dimensions, Z3 comes with an average sized 6.58 inch, quite color accurate IPS LCD panel with support for 120 Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate. The display is bright enough to be comfortably used outdoor, though I hoped it could be tad brighter. The surprises here are the support for HDR10 content and is also Widevine L1 compliant. So watching movies over OTT platforms like Netflix at FullHD is possible. The phone is not heavy as a hammer, and weighs at manageable 185.5 grams. Using smartphones weighing over 200 grams on a daily basis and carrying them in pockets is painful. The phone built is all plastic and the cyber blue color makes the phone looks cool. The phone does not feel premium while holding in hand but has a sold feel. A plastic screen protector is applied over the display, but the do not like the Tungshu Panda Glass over the display. Gorilla Glass 5 would have been better.

                    The phone comes with GOD GIVEN 3.5mm audio jack. A must for me to take calls and listen without disturbing others. I hate the trend of omitting the headphone jack and promoting crappy TWS by manufacturers to earn more money. Audio quality through audio jack is mediocre at best and gets the job done. It has a single bottom firing speaker which is not very loud enough and could have been a bit louder. The phone also arrives with a massive 256GB UFS 2.2 internal storage, so the presence microSD card support is nice to have but not essential for me.

                    The phone comes with a moderately large 4,440 mAh battery and support for 55W fast charging lifted straight from my iQOO 3. It is a two cell battery and iQOO/Vivo have made FuntouchOS very well optimized so as to have excellent battery backup. Of course the Snapdragon 768G SoC built on 7nm architecture sips battery rather than drinking it but FuntouchOS optimization is really impressive. The phone on a single charge lasts long, really long. I not much fan of fast charging, as it degrades battery capacity over time and instead use a 10 watt charger.

                    One surprising bit of the phone is the camera, the iQOO Z3 has a quite capable camera setup and the Samsung ISOCELL GW3 (64 MP) main sensor takes some decent shots under daylight conditions. All in all very happy with this phone and hope it will last me for the next 5 years to come.

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                      • Spider cat
                      • YQA
                      • 20 May 2022

                      Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021so i was planning to buy this phone, is this worth it? i me... moreYep you should go for it. You can see reviews of techburner. I am using it for 1 year. I can run genshin impact on 40 to 60fps easily. Which is very good for a phone at this price

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                        • 28 Feb 2022

                        ANONYMOUS, 31 Aug 2021my galaxy j7 max almost completes its 4 years and i never f... moreme also, galaxy j7 prime phone completes 5 years and didnt match with now a days mobiles but having a charging issue

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                          • 11 Jan 2022

                          srv, 19 Dec 2021There is a face ui app that uses the camera app. U can see ... moreIts a android 12 notification system

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                            • 08 Jan 2022

                            srv, 19 Dec 2021Installed android 12 4GB update. There was a slight lag wh... moreSome time small lag in 4gb update

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                              • Shiva
                              • D0b
                              • 25 Dec 2021

                              Yes face recognition not working properly after update

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                                • srv
                                • vGP
                                • 19 Dec 2021

                                PrasadJ6, 15 Dec 2021Does anyone face issue after 4GB updated?There is a face ui app that uses the camera app. U can see at the top when u unlock the phone. This is running after android 12 update. Not sure whether its a virus or not. Any one having this app running in background?

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                                  • 19 Dec 2021

                                  Installed android 12 4GB update. There was a slight lag when I unlock the phone but manageable. Hope there will be a fix later for this.

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                                    • 15 Dec 2021

                                    Does anyone face issue after 4GB updated?

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                                      • 14 Dec 2021

                                      Got Android 12 update today, there's little lag after update but think so it will be fixed in further updates.

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                                        • 07 Dec 2021

                                        Dont buy this phone. Strongly disrecomended after using 2 months.