vivo NEX 3 5G

vivo NEX 3 5G

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  • Uchiha Sasuke

Your camera looks familiar (sharinggan)

  • Elmeshne9

The only problem with 5g devices, in gcc countrys, its all huawei 5g network, and only compatable devices can work with it

  • Faysal Ahmad

don't have stereo speaker !!

  • Anonymous

IP68+ "Useless" if it can't endure a tropical downpour.

Excellent phone in most aspects but not for me. I'm going with perfection. Thank GSM guys and vivo.

asif, 24 Sep 2019your 5 month mine 10 month salary not expensive.Your 10-month salary... And you say it's not expensive? Well, we all have different levels, I guess.. For me, it is 14-month salary combination

  • Bachcahu

Is this a global model or domestic one like IQOO Pro 5G.

  • ms

the top and bottom bezels are STILL sd card stereo qhd display no wireless USB 3.0. no FM temperature or humidity sensor.smartphone but not smart enough.

  • ezhil

nfc available in this mobile

GAMIRSFM, 17 Sep 2019I do need MicroSD, what if i don't have internet connection... moreExactly. In airplanes, when roaming in countries (Like Dubai), where data is 30€/Megabyte (yes, you read it right).

People have simple minds and very little experience. They cannot fathom anybody having needs, they don't themselves understand.

Sul, 04 Oct 2019Which one is better this or iqoo pro 5g( if we took out the... moreIqoo pro 5g is better value for money consideringit has basically the same specs (of course excluding camera) and 2 extra advantages youre not gonna notice; screen res on iqoo pri 5g is 1080×2340 compared to Nex 3's 1080×2200(not exact, more than 2200 but can't remember

Which one is better this or iqoo pro 5g( if we took out the cameras)?

  • Sul

Which one is better this or iqoo pro 5g(if we took out the cameras)?

> 3.5mm jack: Yes


  • kambing menari

DayDay, 27 Sep 2019does it available in malaysia? if so how much is it?rm4k+-

  • Res

Djarot, 26 Sep 2019please launch an affordable smartphone with a 5.5 inch scre... moreThere are plenty of handsets out there that are midrange. There are plenty of handsets with flat screens instead of curved.

  • Osiro

Is this phone available in nigeria

  • DayDay

does it available in malaysia? if so how much is it?

If this didn't have curved edges it would've been the perfect phone. Waterfall display is a deal-breaker even though it looks beautiful, it's just too vulnerable.

  • Djarot

please launch an affordable smartphone with a 5.5 inch screen or below 6 inches so it is simple in handheld especially for young people now with a weter drop camera model and a dual 2 rear camera just in the middle not on the side if possible at least a Snapdragon 450 / 63x can also be used Helio version P25 / P30 if Helio P22 / P35 is not suitable for gaming. thank you