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vivo V1

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Its Nice with excellent look and working features

  • shubhi

hussain, 08 Feb 2016frends plz tell this phne is good are not Want to buy one. Would I buy or not?

  • AnonD-504904

Best mobile if used in optimised conditions, if we turn on all the sensors all the gesture functions how can we expect it to give high battery life, and yeah heating problem, It do heat when we play excessively, every mobile gets heated coz of games, consider Moto X play or Lenovo K3, every mobile gets heated that should not be an issue, and performance wise, It has been exactly 1 month for my mobile and did not hanged at least once. Use wisely, every mobile is worth U pay it

  • Snehal

Nice awesome fone. Good camera good video quality. Internet speed is also awesome..nevr hanged. Love the fone. Go for it.

  • AnonD-504675

Satish, 17 Feb 2016Best Phone ever !go for it . dont trust one persons words check all of others what they saying.....

  • AnonD-504675

Surendra, 11 Feb 2016Good one but no video call without internetno use to buy a hanging phone and heating . it was worst , waste of money and time to roam across the service centers.

  • AnonD-504675

User, 11 Feb 2016Great phone to buy.. No issues so far:)in with a days we got so many problems and service doing and giving but no use same issue

  • pattan

Er Harish, 05 Feb 2016I am using vivo v1 , honestly saying vivo is a good phone workin... moreone or two pieces working fine remaining having lot of problems so dont suggest any one plz thq.....

  • pattan

Mohammed, 06 Feb 2016Hi,vivo users this is a very nice mobile no hanging using very N... morei am using it is hanging heating slow allthe way it was worst in use. features are good not good dont buy ... iam facing so many problem past 1 month i bought it in January 2016. waste dont buy.

  • Anonymous

vipul kumar, 03 Feb 2016Plz tell me about Samsung j7 nd vivo v1 max .which is best mobile. Hi bro just go for Samsung Galaxy j7 because this is the best u can have there is a one more feature with. this that is it has a a flash on the front tht vivo v1 doesn't"t has j7 has an amoled display that vivo doesn't"t has that consumes 75%less battery then an ips display tht vivo does not have it has an amazing camara thtclicks great piictures & with the front flash u can take better selfis so that"s all bro just go ahead & check

  • nilesh

Mishal, 15 Feb 2016Really worst phone.... frustrated very its only 4 mon... moreBest phone

  • Satish

Best Phone ever !go for it .

  • Mishal

Really worst phone.... frustrated very its only 4 month since I purchased this...

  • Anonymous

this is the worst phone i have used. low battery, hanging frequently and very slow.....

  • Mike

Best phone ever everthing is great

  • User

Great phone to buy.. No issues so far:)

  • Surendra

Good one but no video call without internet

  • Surendra

Best one ...even rare camera and video is very good ...but no video call feature without internet

  • N@vn

should I buy it .Is it good

  • Rahul Soni

best phone ever i use