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this was my mom's phone back then, it was an awsome phone

  • baaaaaa

Phone still holds up to this day with no issues, definitely worth the money

  • AnonD-896033

Vivo V5 is need new firware update. If not, Myanmar Unicode
went wrong on Messenger, Firefox,
Telegram, Timbre and other apps.
Marshmallow OS update isn't enough.

  • Anonymous

I'm using this phone for about 4 years and still no problem, its a very good phone, worth to buy.

  • shake eira

use since 2017 till today....very good phone

  • carbonstudent

very good phone. i use this around 2016 until now 18 Nov 2020. no problem issue. appreciate this phone. 4 years in my hand with no problem.

One of the impressive phone i ever used. I am using this phone since April 2017. Not even a single complaint in this phone nor i do a single factory reset. Using phone while charging, Felt down many times. But V5 continues to impress. Posting this opinion just to share how good the phone is.

  • yarid

Been using this phone for 4 years until today. I never use a phone for this long. Love it.....

  • Anonymous

Well i've been using vivo v5 since Dec 2016 still working although a bit slow but still can use it. I need phone like this that can last long, not just using it for 1-2 years after that the phone is broken or damage.

  • MaK007

2020 It worked but very slow with slow cpu.
Price is not cheap is cpu is bad.
Falling color Plastic back cover need to replace.

  • wonderer

6 years abusing my vivo v5, fell, drop in water, drop sand. but before now it manage to break.
upper right corner finaly broke from fell over and over. sound became less load, battery easy to
drain. wee need this kind of phone for a long tern usage

  • Anonymous

bought it since dec.2016..still doing well until now..worth the price..kudos vivo team!

  • sarah

can I put sdcard of 256gb inside? or it doesn't suitable?

  • Zee

Been using it since 2018 and I never had issue with it.

  • Banana

been using this phone for like 5 years finally gave up on me, but still impressed, this phone fell in water like 10 times, drop'ed it countless times , using it while charging even tho i know it is bad but still last 5 years with me. just giving my review to pay respect to my old phone

  • Nahre

Good phone. Owner since 2017. No issues. Charging once a day ie at night.

  • Anonymous

sazzy, 14 May 2020seriously? this phone Released 2016 n u has been using for ... moreyeah, me too from 2017 until now

  • Vinay

Does Vivo V5 Has encrypt phone option.

  • Dan

As of this date 5/15/2020, i am still using this phone Vivo 5. The phone is still great with just minimal issues. First, after manually updating it to Nougat, with the help of customer service I experience some bugs. The blinking notification of google chrome while downloading and the white blinking graphic bugs while playing GTA San Andres. Such bugs were not present before i update if. Another thing, which is a minor though, the temperature of the phone, though this one is on me. My phone usually heats up to 42 degrees C when playing, most of the time it stays on 40. Nonetheless, the phone is still on its pristine condition and works perfectly as my daily driver.

  • sazzy

Anonymbruh, 22 Apr 2020Bruh, my dad has been using it for like 6 years and nothing... moreseriously? this phone Released 2016 n u has been using for 6 years..