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  • Dan

As of this date 5/15/2020, i am still using this phone Vivo 5. The phone is still great with just minimal issues. First, after manually updating it to Nougat, with the help of customer service I experience some bugs. The blinking notification of google chrome while downloading and the white blinking graphic bugs while playing GTA San Andres. Such bugs were not present before i update if. Another thing, which is a minor though, the temperature of the phone, though this one is on me. My phone usually heats up to 42 degrees C when playing, most of the time it stays on 40. Nonetheless, the phone is still on its pristine condition and works perfectly as my daily driver.

  • sazzy

Anonymbruh, 22 Apr 2020Bruh, my dad has been using it for like 6 years and nothing... moreseriously? this phone Released 2016 n u has been using for 6 years..

  • zahra

i use since 2017 still ok

  • Kamal

Been using this fon since Jan 2017. So far no issues, batteries doing well, no hanging or heating issues. Just that takes 4 hrs to full charge from 10%. Want to change, but no issues, cant just dump it. Camera z fantastic, the selfie shooter still v good compared to current fon. M jus loving it!!

  • Anonymbruh

I'mPhone, 27 Dec 2019Lol the phone's battery can explode easily, how is it good?... moreBruh, my dad has been using it for like 6 years and nothing bad has happened.

  • kishore raj

This is good smart phone while comparing to other models. I'm this phone for 3 years . it works good still. no hanging problem ,no heat problem, no charging problem

  • I'mPhone

AAKASH, 17 Nov 2019nice phone i am using last 2 yearsLol the phone's battery can explode easily, how is it good?
Redmi 4A is much better.

  • Anonymous

What 4 gb ram, why is mine only three? And in the sensors it also has gyroscope


nice phone i am using last 2 years

  • Tan

I am using Vivo V5 since 2017 February, until now is still using.

  • Satisfied user

Been using for over 2 years.. The quality is still very good. Love it ❤

  • Anonymous

Been using the phone for well over two years, its good in a sense that it got work done. But now samsung is better now and might change to the a series

  • Gulame Mohammed

The worst phone I have ever bought. The connectivity of the same networks on my other phones is better- don't know what is wrong with this piece of junk. Dials the first person in contacts right from the pocket. Very bad arrangement of options in Settings.
Promise never to buy a Vivo again.

  • Anonymous

manish, 30 Mar 2019never buy any vivo phones you will never get updatesYou are absolutely right!!!

  • lewhc

I buy my phone at November2016 and now I still using this phone ,last month just replace my phone battery and I will keep using this vivo phone,and when u use ear phone hear music they automatically Hifi sound.

  • foxy

it got very very hot and black out. what is the solution as the battery is non removable

  • manish

never buy any vivo phones you will never get updates

  • Shubham

Anand, 29 Jul 2018My vivo v5 hang Good phone but appclone is very low only 2-3 apps can be cloned

  • Man

I'm having a trouble with vivo y81i

  • Anonymous

Worst Phone Ever... It Sucks Everywhere... And You Can Buy Better Phone In Half Price...