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  • 22 Mar 2024

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2024The camera is pretty good BUT! Its biggest problem is how i... moreOut of the box this may be the experience. Particularly in Portrait mode - depending on settings. And in poorer lighting. But you can change that.
And it doesn't seem to do that in normal shooting mode with good light. Lots of detail preserved.

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    • 22 Mar 2024

    proUser, 11 Mar 2024Those who already bought phone, please let me know 1) do... moreFuntouch has been a very positive surprise so far.
    I'm coming from Pixel 6, appreciate the pure and fast Android experience - and Funtouch is very similar - very fast and clean.
    Its almost like a Google One phone or a Pixel...

      Using this device for week
      below are observations

      1) Good display
      2) Best camera
      3) Fast charging
      4) Battery all day long

      1) Very slippery (weak ergonomics)
      2) Battery life could be improved
      3) OS is not so good compare to samsung/oneplus
      4) Drain more battery using camera/video than other devices

      #Many people complains it overheats, but I didn't get that, yes it got warm using 10-15min, temperature reaches 44c, but considering summer time in India, it is ok because outside temp also going 40+. Thermals are ok

      #Its not throttling like oneplus (even it has Snapdragon 8G3) - so good point
      #yes it takes little more time to cool

      #overall - very good device, use with case *8/10 [ specially for camera overall exp is best]

        Optical fingerprint sensor? The x90 has an ultrasonic one 🫥

          Bought this device yesterday !!
          fantastic device. Will use it for at least week and give reviews.

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            • 17 Mar 2024

            Jpm, 15 Mar 2024File transfer to memory card by OTG... gives a lot of prob... moreAny solutions?

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              • 15 Mar 2024

              File transfer to memory card by OTG... gives a lot of problems . Memory cards were corrupted...

              Screen mirroring with android Tv ..not showing videos....
              Only audios ok...

                Plan to buy this device this week, give reviews overall.
                Compare to OnePlus 12 | Xiaomi 14

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                  • 12 Mar 2024

                  proUser, 11 Mar 2024Those who already bought phone, please let me know 1) do... moreWell, I have the Chinese Version. It doesn't overheat. The battery is a beast, sometimes to go from 100 percent to 99 percent it takes like one hour of usage, and I am not even joking. I am a heavy user and it lasts me all day. Performance is amazing, but there are some bugs and things that bother me, such as Instagram app crashing or notifications not showing up. I believe this happens only to me because I have the Chinese version and I live in Europe. I can't say anything about the operating system since I am using OriginOs. Overall, I wouldn't change this phone.

                    Those who already bought phone, please let me know

                    1) does it overheats? e.g. 4k video shoot around 10-15min
                    2) I am not gamer, so hope battery atleast give 6hr SoT
                    3) battery drain / jitter or any performance issues???
                    4) Hope funtouch os gives good experience

                    Heard from many that this device heats too much, so asking this here. if it heats, I probably move to OnePlus 12 or other

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                      • 11 Mar 2024

                      Anonymous, 29 Jan 2024Hong Kong Version with Funtouch OS, fully Google working (A... moreIs this global version with esim? If not, where to buy with esim version?

                        How come this Vivo does HDR streaming on Netflix while the Oppo X7 Ultra fails to do so. Even when both are chinese version?

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                          • 09 Mar 2024

                          proUser, 04 Mar 2024Ultimate flagship of the 2024. Vivo only needs below cha... more
                          1.lots of people prefer the more powerful mediatek also, after using the x100 pro I'm now one of them, the phone blasts through anything I throw at it

                          2.bloatware never had any on my global version

                          3.again never had it on my global version

                          4.i agree if beautify is off it should mean OFF

                          5. Sound could be louder

                          6. There are stronger glass out there than gorilla your just jumping with what's mainstream like gorilla glass snapdragon... Broaden your horizon you'll see more

                          7. I like the curve I've NOT once had any issues or accidentally touches

                          My only two gripes with vivo is if beautify is off I don't want any smoothing of the skin at all

                          And I want them to make the phones look more premium, my mi 11 ultra looks more premium with its ceramic back and little screen on the back

                          And reduce the size of the selfie camera cutout

                          Other than that the x100 pro is vivos Samsung galaxy s2, a phone that unexpectedly took the world by storm, they can now either build upon this and take on people's criticsm like build quality etc and smash it out of the park with the x200 pro or stagnate and not take the opportunity that's now been awarded to them to battle xiaomi & and Samsung for top spot

                            proUser, 04 Mar 2024Ultimate flagship of the 2024. Vivo only needs below cha... more8) Reduce the size

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                              • 07 Mar 2024

                              Xytanox, 06 Mar 2024International version (Funtouch OS) - Doesn't have 8k/... moreInternational version (Funtouch OS) - It does have 8k/30fps on Rear Camera..maybe you need to check again

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                                • 06 Mar 2024

                                International version (Funtouch OS) - Doesn't have 8k/30fps on Rear Camera. Got updated Front Camera from 1080p to 4k/60fps.
                                Chinese version (Origin OS) - Able to do video 8k/30fps on Rear Camera and also got build it 4k/60fps on Front Camera (without any update).
                                Very much diffrent in price. Chinese is cheaper (around ~850-950$), which International is more expensive (around ~1150-1250$). Probably because of European taxes.

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                                  • 05 Mar 2024

                                  GeoPost, 05 Mar 2024Well said. Moreover it is estimated to cost 1200 euros! Why... more927-929 euros 16GB RAM and 1TB ROM. How much storage/memory on iPhone for 1200 euros? 256Gb only. I understand if someone is Apple fan.

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                                    • 05 Mar 2024

                                    Selfie now with 4K60FPS in Czech is in new update.

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                                      • 05 Mar 2024

                                      SpY, 27 Feb 2024VIVO X100 PRO will NOT reach all European countries! Thankf... moreWell said. Moreover it is estimated to cost 1200 euros! Why should anyone buy this instead of an IPhone, unless being an android fan, in which case 1+ 12 is a huge VFM option. Not the greatest promotion strategy! XD

                                        Ultimate flagship of the 2024.

                                        Vivo only needs below changes to be on TOP:
                                        1) Use snapdragon processors
                                        2) Use bloatware free OS like oxygen os/Pixel
                                        3) Remove inbuilt vstore and junkwares.
                                        4) Give option to use natural skin tone, don't beautify if option is disabled
                                        5) If you charge premium, give premium sound/audio like Apple does.
                                        6) Give gorilla victus 2 protection front/back at this price range.
                                        7) Give flat screens instead curve

                                        You call it premium, but people should feel it more premium