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  • K rishi
  • D09
  • 16 Oct 2018

Which mobile phone is best below rs20k?

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    • Balag
    • utd
    • 30 Aug 2018

    miasara, 02 Aug 2018Hi, may i know which one is better, vivo x21/vivo v9/huawei... moreVivo X21 is better against their features

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      • Anonymous
      • PF5
      • 24 Aug 2018

      which one is better? this one or oppo f9?

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        • sameer
        • X{j
        • 19 Aug 2018

        my x21 phone is lost how i find my phone

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          • Buggy
          • 3qA
          • 11 Aug 2018

          bonifacio, 07 Aug 2018much better nova 3i No it is not. This is better because alu-body (it is much better than glass), lighter, better screen (Amoled rules), etc.

            • b
            • bonifacio
            • t7x
            • 07 Aug 2018

            miasara, 02 Aug 2018Hi, may i know which one is better, vivo x21/vivo v9/huawei... moremuch better nova 3i

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              • miasara
              • XPI
              • 02 Aug 2018

              Hi, may i know which one is better, vivo x21/vivo v9/huawei nova 3i/huawei nova 3? Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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                • Bochokoy
                • kb4
                • 17 Jul 2018

                Great phone, but is it worth buying to invest?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • sxs
                  • 05 Jul 2018

                  Another apple fan...😂

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                    • Moka
                    • Fvc
                    • 29 Jun 2018

                    Is it the same V9 6GB spec that will be launched in Indonesia early July (offline)?

                      I believe you are talking of Vivo X21 UD launched in India and internationally as X21. They are charging a very hefty premium for the under display fingerprint scanner which neither is as accurate or fast as normal fingerprint scanners.

                      No doubt for similar performance and even better built quality people should opt for Nokia 7 Plus which retails INR 11K cheaper rather than heftily overpriced X21 UD . One Plus 6 is in a different league in terms of performance and with a budget of INR 36K, should blindly opt for OP6.

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                        • shabaz
                        • rKd
                        • 09 Jun 2018

                        Vivo charge 36k only for inside display finger print with snapdragon 660 Nokia 7plus using as same snapdragon 660 they charge 26k or purchase one plus 6 with 845 snapdragon x21 ha ha ha

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                          • Aj
                          • Iki
                          • 08 Jun 2018

                          still usb 2.0 in this day and age
                          Vivo phones or any other phone at this price range should have USB type c connections.

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                            • dw
                            • EqV
                            • 07 Jun 2018

                            i think it's camera is worth looking into

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                              • Gj99
                              • g}u
                              • 04 Jun 2018

                              RishiGuru, 03 Jun 2018Internationally Vivo is keeping the naming convention simpl... i realised that..! That confusion has sorted out.

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                                • David
                                • g}t
                                • 03 Jun 2018

                                At same price op6 available. For brand value both are China phones

                                  Gj99, 31 May 2018Yeah man.. That "rear mounted" in display fingerprint readerInternationally Vivo is keeping the naming convention simple and calling the Chinese X21UD as X21.

                                  People are mistaking this and commenting here. The Chinese X21 mentioned here have a normal fingerprint sensor at the back as pictured above.

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                                    • Gj99
                                    • g}w
                                    • 31 May 2018

                                    Raj, 30 May 2018It has In-display FingerprintYeah man.. That "rear mounted" in display fingerprint reader

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                                      • Raj
                                      • KSi
                                      • 30 May 2018

                                      Gj99, 29 May 201835k for rear mounted fingerprint sensor plus mediocre specs... moreIt has In-display Fingerprint

                                        funwithash, 30 May 2018What's your take in this pricing? I feel ip68 protection wo... moreVivo have released X21UD in India. In India it is known as X21. So wrong place to talk here. I think all users from India should post in gsmarena X21ud opinion section and not here.