vivo X50 Pro to come with the new Samsung GN1 sensor

Ro, 19 May 2020

Vivo already teased its upcoming vivo X50 Pro on several occasions but today's Weibo post from the company's product manager in China revealed a bit more about the impressive camera setup the phone is supposed to bring. He shared Samsung's news about the just-announced ISOCELL GN1 sensor, which would suggest some of his company's products will use it and what better candidate than the X50 Pro.

It goes well in line with another teaser from the company, which is all about the low-light performance of the camera on the X50 Pro. Moreover, Samsung said that the sensor is already in mass production so we should start seeing phones with the GN1 pretty soon and by the looks of it, vivo's offering will be the first one.

vivo's executive even boasted 2.4┬Ám pixels, 1/1.3" sensor size and that the camera is able to output 100MP images. All of the specs match the GN1 sensor so without a doubt, the X50 Pro will be shooting with it.

Source 1, 2 (in Chinese)


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Won't come with mid range chip. The camera and other things are all flagship.

  • LilPhone

I don't really trust you after several of your rubbish comments, thanks. :)

Wow that's massive. Interested to see how it performs.

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