Vivo X5Pro review: Proficient


GSMArena team, 09 September, 2015.


The phonebook app on the vivo X5Pro is called Contacts and follows the general styling of the rest of the interface, meaning it's entirely custom. There are tabs, but unless you are big on groups, or want to jump to the dialer or to your personal info page all the time, chances are you won't be using them too often.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
The contacts app

The main interface is a well-organized list, with favorite contacts at the top, followed by an alphabetical rundown of the rest. Naturally, there is a search field, which accepts both names and numbers, as well as a vertical slider, along the letters to the right, for quick navigation. There are no contact pics on this screen though, with vivo opting to fit more but thinner rows.

Adding a new contact is a pretty straightforward process. It begins by selecting where you would like to store the entry, or you can just set a default the first time you use it. The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

Viewing a contact is done through a clean and well-arranged interface. All in all vivo has tried to keep things as simple and intuitive as possible.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
Viewing and editing a single contact is straight-forward


The default telephone app in the vivo X5Pro is in keeping with the overall style, just like the contacts. In fact, they almost look like they are both part of the same application, especially thanks to the pretty sliding transition effect between them. But they are very much separate, despite being linked to one another through a quick shortcut.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
The phone app

The intuitive contact searching system is implemented here as well. You can start typing a number or a name and the phone will find the contact you are looking for. In-call options are mostly standard, with the exception of the notes option, which is quite handy when you want to write something down during a call.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
The in-call display

The X5Pro call quality is very good. Both parties report good sound levels, but the apparent lack of noise cancellation may prove troublesome if you frequently use the phone in noisy settings.

The loudspeaker volume of the X5Pro is worthy of a Good rating. It's an improvement over the X5Max in terms of decibels, and it means you should be able to hear the ringer in relatively loud environments. Even at the maximum setting there aren't signs of distortion, but don't expect miracles on the low end of the sound spectrum.

Speakerphone testVoice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB Ringing phone, dB Overall score
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 60.2 57.2 64.5 Below Average
LG G2 65.7 62.2 66.2 Below Average
vivo X5Max 66 61.7 68.8 Below Average
Oppo R7 65.6 66.5 73.1 Average
Lenovo Vibe X2 66 67.7 71.8 Average
HTC One (M8) 65.8 64.7 75.7 Average
Oppo R5 66.6 66.2 75.3 Good
Huawei P8lite 66.5 66.6 75.7 Good
vivo X5Pro 68.7 66.5 76.2 Good
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 72.7 75.7 70.8 Very Good
Sony Xperia C4 (ClearAudio+ enabled) 71.1 70.5 79.9 Very Good
Oppo R7 Plus 73.7 72.8 79.9 Very Good
Xiaomi Mi Note 75.9 68.9 83.3 Excellent
OnePlus 2 75.7 73.5 80.7 Excellent
Meizu MX4 81.3 75.8 83.6 Excellent

Messaging and text input

Aside from the ever-present Google Hangouts, you also get vivo's own messaging app. It unifies SMS and MMS functionality in one place, which has pretty much become the norm with modern devices. The app does offer the option to import old messages, which is a rare thing to see and can definitely be useful. Messages can be restored from either a cloud service or simply from local storage.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
The default messaging app

To handle emails the X5Max offers Gmail preloaded, obviously, as well as a dedicated email app. This is kind of redundant, seeing how the latest version of Google's mail client can now work with any mail account, Google or not, and is now the only email client you will need.

If you enjoy the consistency of using all Funtouch apps though, the built-in email client can work with web and POP3 accounts alike. A button to start a new message sits at the top right of the app. The composition screen holds no surprises.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
Vivo's built-in email app

In terms of text input, the vivo X5Pro comes with a custom keyboard solution, courtesy of Swype. Like the name suggests, it does support swipe typing and looks and behaves quite nicely. It also offers a lot of options, like a personalized dictionary, theme support and quite a few gestures for accessing various features.

vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro vivo X5Pro
Swype for vivo keyboard

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Best phone I ever had.. Vivo!!!

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