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  • sc2
  • 01 Jul 2016

Can it be used with MetroPCS in the United States?

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    • Amiar
    • KZ8
    • 26 Jun 2016

    So vivo x5pro...have use it for couple problem except it really need to install keyboard that have smiley...and i cant seem to find how to video call seriously...

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      • JR
      • mLf
      • 19 Jun 2016

      download french version????

        god, 11 Jun 2016@Rishiguru : it supports otg bro... just go to settings-mor... moreThanks for the info. However I never used the X5Pro much and sold it in olx in a month. When you have its bigger brother Vivo X5Max, you do not need a X5Pro. It fades in comparison to my X5Max.

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          • god
          • uwv
          • 11 Jun 2016

          RishiGuru, 22 Apr 2016Never knew X5Pro have no OTG support. Very sad as they sell... more@Rishiguru : it supports otg bro... just go to settings-more setting- turn on OTG

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            • AnonD-545300
            • KZ8
            • 05 Jun 2016

            I have use vivo x5pro since 6month ago..I have problem when im trying to update my application.its not working..when Im try to update..its download for 3 times but can't installed...that worst my data..any friends have same problem with me??please help me..

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              • arief kesse
              • 6}D
              • 01 Jun 2016

              use it almost three months. only one thing bad on this phone. it is serious over heating problem when using internet and even worst when using video call

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                • Smruty
                • Xu4
                • 18 May 2016

                I m usng Vivo-: the fantastic phone since 5-6 months.
                I ll say only one thng abt ths phone,
                this is almost a superb quality phone made in today's arena.
                nd who r sayng tht they r nt cmfrtbl or ths phn is worst or wht ever,
                perhaps dnt knw how to use ths phone...They dnt hv maturity to use ths phone... they shldnt dsrv... :-D
                nd lastly I thnked to the engineers, fo ths phone thnk uh... :-)
                Vivo, a phone of Fun nd Fantasy....

                  Asutosh (9776469614), 21 Apr 2016I have a vivo x5 pro since 3 months . But its function is l... moreNever knew X5Pro have no OTG support. Very sad as they sell this phone as their flagship device. But X5Max have full OTG support as I own one of them.

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                    • VIN
                    • rx7
                    • 21 Apr 2016

                    since last six months i am using this x5pro phone good camera quality ,stylish good hi fi music, battery life is good but one thing full battery charging take 3 an hour funtouch os RAM is good no hanging problem but compare to iphone n samsung other brands is good quality

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                      • Asutosh (9776469614)
                      • XPw
                      • 21 Apr 2016

                      I have a vivo x5 pro since 3 months . But its function is like 3 years old . It not functioning properly . Automatic switch off and on . OTG not support . USB not support. Battery capacity time is 3-4 hours. But the most hurtest thing is till now no support and servicing advice receive from vivo customer care .

                        li_lac, 08 Apr 2016Hi, so i was trying to factory reset it through recovery mo... moreThe stock music player "i Music" that ships default with Vivo smartphones is truly neat. It is simple to operate, easy to use and one the best music players around. I love it more than any player I have used in any smartphone. This player also gives access to the "HiFi" button which when enabled activates the DAC chip inside the phone to improve sound quality ten folds. As Vivo markets all their products as "HiFi", the seamless operation of iMusic software is paramount to there success. It only pains me to find out they fail in an area like music for which their customers buys the product in the first place. This only highlights their degraded product quality and utter ignorance to the software part.

                        Even though you have somehow managed to play FLAC files through "i Music", the software still remains flawed. It is still not able to properly read the metadata from any FLAC files, hence all songs come under "Unknown Arist" and "Unknown Album". This is of no use and complete nightmare for any music lover, as finding a song among hundreds of them is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. In my V1, I have also tried the same as factory reset, etc. But it was of no use and the player simply refused to play any FLAC files. Mind you the same FLAC file will play butter smooth in my Vivo X5Max which uses a different version of their Funtouch OS.

                        In the end it is up-to Vivo the get its act together (which they never did in the entire product live of X5Pro released in June, 2015) and provide the software patch required to solve this issue alarming issue. But rest assured I can guarantee we will never receive any software update, be it your X5Pro or my V1.

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                          • li_lac
                          • PUZ
                          • 08 Apr 2016

                          RishiGuru, 06 Apr 2016You are not alone as my Vivo V1 have the same issues playin... moreHi, so i was trying to factory reset it through recovery mode, doing all the cache wipe and then reboot it.. And then guess what? it plays FLAC files now! i'm so excited when the sound finally came from my library. But one thing that the flaw still exist, and that is it still cannot read the metadata of those flac files (including the album art), causing them to be listed under "Unknown Arist" and "Unknown Album". This also makes me unable to find them using the search function, what a letdown.
                          I tried to install poweramp and it can play flac and read their metadata correctly (also the "hi-fi" showed up too!), so this is not really a big problem for me, but the stock iMusic is beautiful and i loved using it.
                          Now i have converted all my flac files into 400kbps aac just to make them readable in iMusic :))
                          But still..can't get enough of the impressive audio output.

                            li_lac, 05 Apr 2016Is it just me, or is this phone cannot play FLAC audio file... moreYou are not alone as my Vivo V1 have the same issues playing FLAC audio files with the stock player. In their official website it is said both V1 & your X5Pro supports FLAC playback. I have also raised a thread highlighting this issue in their forums with no proper response. (

                            It seems the stock audio player that ships with their Funtouch OS 2.1 overlay (built over Android Lollipop 5.0.1) does have some issues in not supporting FLAC files. Both V1 & X5Pro runs on Funtouch OS 2.1. With the pathetic zero android version upgrade policy followed by Vivo I am certain you will be stuck with this issue forever. Saying that my X5Max have no issues playing FLAC files as it comes with Funtouch OS 2.0 overlay (built over Android KitKat 4.4.4).

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                              • li_lac
                              • 61n
                              • 05 Apr 2016

                              Is it just me, or is this phone cannot play FLAC audio files??
                              the stock player (imusic) just can't play them, it always show message "cannot play this audio file".

                                AnonD-402029, 31 Mar 2016what does "pro" means actually, it only uses snapdragon 615... more"Pro" means "Ordinary phone at an extraordinary price". Of-course this is applicable for Vivo and its Chinese sisters like Oppo & Gionee.

                                Hope this helps!!!

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                                  • AnonD-402029
                                  • bxd
                                  • 31 Mar 2016

                                  what does "pro" means actually, it only uses snapdragon 615 and below 3k battery with only 2gb ram with the price of almost double vs its competitors

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                                    • Tituranjan
                                    • U@9
                                    • 29 Mar 2016

                                    I have purchased vivo x5 pro eight months back and since the day one its hangs every time. many times i have visited CC but no result. Really i hate this device.

                                      AnonD-517336, 22 Mar 2016Just sharing my personal experience with X5Pro. I have rece... morePrecisely. If you want a great looking phone at an exuberantly high price with superb build quality then look no further than Vivo flagships like X5Pro. But from specs side it is not even a flagship material and competes against Xiaomi, Lenovo or LeEco budget handsets like Redmi Note 3, K4 Note & Le 1s respectively. And their competitors like LeEco/LeTv have improved the build quality to a level that you will be hard pressed to choose between Le 1s or a X5Pro only for looks. So by paying more than 2x the price of its direct competitor models like Note 3 or Le 1s what you get is exclusive looks and nothing much else to talk about. And even by paying 2x more for X5Pro you will not even get a single android version upgrade in your phone where as Xiaomi & Lenovo will role out timely android updates for the their phones.

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                                        • AnonD-517336
                                        • KAC
                                        • 22 Mar 2016

                                        Just sharing my personal experience with X5Pro. I have recently bought this phone and I must say that I couldn't be more happy and proud about it. Very classy looking phone with great music playing capability. I take public transit and always get people's attention cause of the phone. Looking at me my brother also bought this phone and he is also loving it. You cannot decide by just hearing people's comments about this phone, you have to see it and hold it in your hand. I can guarantee you that you will like it right away.