vivo X70 Pro review

GSMArena Team, 13 October 2021.

Design, ergonomics, connectivity

The V70 Pro's portability is one of its main advantages. By today's standards, a 6.56-inch phone is pretty pocketable, and thanks to the thin, symmetrical bezels around the screen, the phone feels rather compact in hand.

Owning to the curved back, thin frame (7.99mm) and lightweight chassis (183g), the X70 Pro definitely feels quite manageable. Surely, it would still come out as big for people with small hands, but it's objectively pretty compact compared to other handsets - even ones with a similar screen diagonal.

vivo X70 Pro review

Looking at those dimensions without putting them into context tells only half of the story. The more impressive aspect of the X70 Pro is that it maintains its compact size while packing a versatile camera setup that includes not one, but two zoom cameras, including a full-blown 5x zoom periscope lens, which undoubtedly adds some bulk.

vivo X70 Pro review vivo X70 Pro and vivo X70 Pro+

The back of the phone is made of a frosted glass-like finish made of fluorite. Feels premium and smooth, and it's fingerprint resistant, but it's also quite slippery.

It's kind of hard to get over that camera bump. It feels super thick compared to the phone's profile, and it's quite the big, solid piece. A couple of millimeters of width feel wasted just for the flash right next to the camera modules.

vivo X70 Pro review

The side frame is anodized aluminum, or at least it feels like one as vivo doesn't mention anything about that. But hey, if it makes us wonder, does it really matter?

The volume rocker and the power key on the right are well-positioned right within thumb's reach. By the way, the fingerprint reader could have been just a tad higher for more comfortable reach with the thumb.

vivo X70 Pro review

The bottom is where you'd find the USB-C connector, the dual SIM card tray (no microSD card slot) and the bottom-firing speaker. Perhaps vivo didn't want to make the top bezel any thicker and went for a virtually invisible earpiece.

The top houses a small plastic-looking piece for better antenna reception, and in a surprising move, we get an IR blaster here, too. There's a dedicated remote control app for that too.

vivo X70 Pro - vivo X70 Pro review vivo X70 Pro - vivo X70 Pro review
vivo X70 Pro - vivo X70 Pro review vivo X70 Pro - vivo X70 Pro review
vivo X70 Pro

Although premium-looking and lightweight, the handset has a few missteps. The glass has no advertised scratch-resistance or even a Gorilla Glass alternative, while the X60 Pro used to have Gorilla Glass 6. There's no rated ingress protection either despite the fact that there is a rubber gasket around the SIM tray, and the phone is quite slippery.

vivo X70 Pro review

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  • Anonymous

123 hours of battery rating? That's exactly the same as the Vivo V21 with Dimensity 800U chipset. It seems like the Dimensity chipset could be a worthy choice for great battery life.

  • Rakesh

Do u really believe in all this marketing bs. Of course it will not be. It is an advertisement. I like the shape and materials. Lets see how battery will behave. So far its 2days

Yes it does make a difference, you can check the video from hans on YouTube the image processing looks different