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vivo Y11

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  • De don

How can i turn on my 3g in my vivo y11
it's only showing me 2g

  • Abdul

my vivo is having a problem it shows me remaining traffic remind and reboot please what's the solution

  • mike amos

How can i get my vivoY11 screen change?

  • Derek

prince, 28 Dec 2015showing insufficient space despite of 16 GB card inserted f... moreBro im having the same problem easw help me if you have found out a solution

  • Temidayo

How to change my vivos7i(t) network from Edge to H, H+ singal because the E network is very slow on my phone am using Glo mobile

  • mane

useless phone, no 3g

  • Anmol

am unable to install any software, always saying INSUFFICIENT STORAGE. My phone memory is 1.05 GB. Available space is 869 MB.
i am also using External memory card of 8 GB which is completely empty.

waiting for your reply.

  • ricky

i am having the phone it can't record video at "1080p it will record video at 720p"
and it is still in 4.4.2 version it is not "4.4.4'

  • Bash

This phone is useless, the 3G network does't work on, better to stop selling this useless phone. ok

  • aravindh

Bhagya, 26 May 2017Can you please tell me how to use jio in vivi Y11? vivo y11 is a 3g mobile.not support 4g .so cannot use jio in vivo y11

  • Dunfawa

I have vivo y11 but it's very slowing, when i press it cemera or phonebook its take more than 30sec before show pls how should i solve the problem pls?

  • anonymous

It always shows that insufficient space whenever I try to install an app...Why is this so???? I'M NOT SATISFIED BY THIS PHONE....PLEASE UPDATE..

  • Anonymous

Why is it that i still have enough space on my sdcard but i can't install some apps?

  • Happy Prince

Bishnu, 20 Dec 2016Yes jio sopotedBut how???

  • bbb

Cannot install more than two apps showing no space where as 8gb in memory card and 2gb in phone spa e is available. Waste of money.

  • Swapnil

This is just an another /below-average phone I saw in life. The camera and media performance is good but other features are mediocre. This phones overheats, can rarely support any game, the ram is so small you should at least give 1GB ram under this price range, the screen size is also small.

  • yungpaul

the phone is good

  • sirkay

My vivo_Y11curd 3g don't work

  • AnonD-558222

the battery life of vivo y11 is so short it is terrifying.
just a scam vivo!

  • alfred

well the phone is good but i dont like the ram pls increase it to 1g ram pls