vivo Y12

vivo Y12

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  • Anonymous

Jagadishmalipura2018, 09 Oct 2020Vivo y 12Micromax q965

  • Jagadishmalipura2018

Vivo y 12

  • Farid

Charge capacity very good but camera /photo quality is not good.

Bough Y12 last week, Battery last 2 days on normal usage, Finger print sensor very fast unlocking, Speaker not good, Totally good

  • Al Amin

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2020please can anyone help me how to enable notification panel/... moreIt really doesn't work on the phone.

  • Anonymous

Bad phone. Becomes hot too fast.

  • Anonymous

I smash this phone because simple to hot and lag

  • Anonymous

Suman, 17 Jul 2020Android 10 update for vivo y12?No

  • Anonymous

It's an entry level phone after all, what do you guys expect? Should go for at least mid range if you guys want a better experience in all aspects.

  • Nickname

This is very useless product in the world because it has good look but not good performance.when I started screen recording then this device lagging and hanging and the sound quality is mixing bad while the screen recording is starting.

  • Anonymous

Camera & sound quality very bad.low light camera very very bad.totally lost my money.

  • Vivo

GOOD phone

  • Anonymous

Very Bad camera.

  • Anonymous

Photo live not working after android updated.

  • Garuks

After using it for 9 months I found this y12 has a nice and quality camera with its price, durable battery, for games like pubg it is also so smooth, not hanging, not hot and lasts a long time, I recommend.

  • Suman

Android 10 update for vivo y12?

  • Minhaj

Camera quality is too low to imagine.

  • Rahid

I couldn't play my best video game pes 2020 because of crashing. The worst phone I ever used


Anonomous, 15 Jun 2020Phone is good but camera is not goodvivo y12 20

  • Anonymous

please can anyone help me how to enable notification panel/quick functions tools on top of the phone