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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021When you update it on Android 11 did it erase your files/data ?no
my files is fine when i update it

  • Crazel

My vivo y12s is restarting automatically even though it is new I am using it for only 3 months . I didn't update it on Android 11 cause I don't know if it is safe and if it will delete my data/files.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2021Agree ✔️✔️✔️When you update it on Android 11 did it erase your files/data ?

  • Anonymous

Kai, 05 Sep 2021I've been using this for almost a year,some people say... moreAgree ✔️✔️✔️

This phone is hot quickly, the display is broken, responds late and often turns off by itself since getting the Android 11 update. I really don't recommend workers and students to using this phone. You will miss the task deadline, because when you use the app, it will often force close, many times and it's a waste of time.

  • MUCH22

I buy new since 2019 and now ghost touch since update . Good 8.5/10

  • Kai

I've been using this for almost a year,some people says this phone is trash but it's not,if you're a Minimalist type or average user this phone is perfect, I've downloaded a lot of kdramas but my phone storage is too far to be full, I've never experienced any heating issue even i sometimes play with ppsspp games,i upgraded it to android 11 and as what I've expected it gets better and better in every update, it depends on the user if they are abusive user then the phone will really not work properly,but if you know how to take care of your phone then every phone will work for you,all in all i have a great experience for this phone.

  • loding name.....

Yemo, 01 Sep 2021I got notification to update my phone and after my updated ... morei think you should wipe your data or repair it in system repair mode.

  • Yemo

I got notification to update my phone and after my updated the phone is not working and the phone is not able to open anything even I can't receive any calls and also I can't open any apps so if you could help me

  • Anonymous

My phone was working fine before the and 11 update. I really hate my phone now !!! I can't run most games because of the heating issue. : /

  • Anonymous

Does have nfc in y12?

  • Nathan

Bliss, 30 May 2021My phone had a software update to funtouch os and my phone ... moretry to charge the phone with Airplane mode turned ON, turn off phone while charging or do not let the battery drain out before you charge it.

  • Nathan

This phone is VoLTE can make calls and internet at the same time using mobile data unlike my previous phone y81.

  • Putangina

My vivo y12 sometimes lag ang sometimes not and since i update on Android 11 its Laggy and Frame drops even my vivo y15 Unlike vivo y11 is so smooth even codm and Mobile legend I wish soon fix vivo y12 Problem Lag and Camera Optimize even My portrait camera is not Smooth My edge is so Bad And I hope Fix this soon as possible thank you

  • Silvy

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2021Don't even think about buying this device. It is trash... moreVery nice device, i never regreted buying it, very good and handy, nice features, and apps

  • Redzuan


  • Anonymous

Don't even think about buying this device. It is trash. FPS drops while gaming and there are more handful of lags and bugs, app crashes and overheating. It got worsened after Android 11 update. Don't get fooled by its outer look and megapixels.

  • chickenlegs

After using this phone for a few years I noticed that the internal eMMC was already slowed down and weak. In Androbench the random write speed was just 5-6 MB/s...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021no, you're not alone dude. I'm facing the same pr... moreTrue... Heat issues bro and also the fps drop is crazy

  • Rakeeb Roomy

Don't even think about buying this !! Even the youtube video lags on 720p 60fps. It got worse after Android 11 update lots of lag and bugs while browsing and gaming ( not even the high end games) sorry but this phone is sh*t