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vivo Y12

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  • Tyson

Hey guys wrost phone for pubg lovers... It's just not stable..please guys don't waste on this garbage phone instead go Nokia series though there will be some issue with heat but doesn't damage ur phone...

  • Fiona


  • Anonymous

The vivo camera is good and the battery life last long i recomend it but if i were you i would by an epensive phone so it can do all the juties

  • Anonymous

Any suggestions y12/y17

  • Abd-Alrahman

Paulo, 30 Dec 2019super weak signal not good for gamming... vivo weak y12. ... moreAll touch devices are not good for gaming, in fact all of 'em are pretty pad for gaming compared to keypad phones. Not to mention all of their games are online commercial.

  • Anonymous

To the last 3 people who posted comments,just buy a samsung s10 or a pixle 4 and your problems will be solved

  • Paulo

super weak signal not good for gamming...
vivo weak y12. so disapointed.

  • Yosh

Sharz_01, 18 Dec 2019This phone are really good compare to realme not viv... moreVivo Y12 isn't even close to Realme 5. And Realme 5 has snapdragon cpu and can use GCam to improve image quality.

  • Skm

I dont like the cam. And the battery doesnt last for long . I just used it for about 2hrs with a full bat. Then became 65% . Is it really like this ?

newbie, 19 Dec 2019is its 5000mah battery really last longer?Yes, 3 days for standart users, and the battery is made from polymer.

  • newbie

is its 5000mah battery really last longer?

  • Sharz_01

This phone are really good compare to realme not vivo user to dot think bad about front camera aperture is not f2.0 but f1.8...

  • Adi

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2019vivo y12 or huawei y9 primeGood quality.low price

  • Anonymous

vivo y12 or huawei y9 prime

  • shubham

Taoken, 01 Dec 2019Is oki am using y12 mobile
camera qulity is bad

  • Taoken

Is ok

  • yasir

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Indeed. I'm sooo disappointed with the camera resolution but comparison of camera is showing that its camera is very good even then iphone 11

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2019Oppo a5s or vivo y12?Vivo y12

  • Yo

Wan, 06 Sep 2019Vivo camera at night very badNo I m using it it's very good

  • affinity

False9, 07 Jul 2019Just a big battery . And what about processer p22 worst pho... moreThanks, this helps me a lot on deciding ^^