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vivo Y69

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  • Anonymous

Ambarish, 06 Apr 2021Does the phone support 1080p video recording? yes

  • Ambarish

Does the phone support 1080p video recording?

  • Rey

How to activate the SC card

  • Anonymous

Generally speaking, it's a good bang for the buck at 2017. But comparing it to the specs of today just rattles me at how fast technology innovates its way into phones. However, I did have the issues with the phone, and one of them is the excessive heating when I play games or certain applications like Word. Pack with that the lag that just really drowns down the experience you can have with a phone with 3 gigs of RAM and a mid-tier Mediatek processor. However, despite it's boiling thermals, it's good in camera and overall feel. Thank you for serving me well, phone. I'll let you continue doing so til I get a new one.

  • Anonymous

There are many phones better than this one at this cost i have this this phone , it is one of the best one at 2017 but now we have many better one than this it is surely not a good choice. It all depends on you who buys this

  • rinrin

I've been using this phone for 3 years now but after those years it's starting to have battery issues, heating, and lagging so much. But a good and affordable phone for me after the years I've switched now to Huawei

  • ANIL G

its very nice

  • Rano

Vivo y69 is good phone but after 2 to 3 years use it's lacks, then heating issue, battery draining. But overall best phone.

Thats my phone on 2018 I like this phone and this is good processor i played pubg and Gta san andreas and PPSSPP are good performance Really nice i am using this 2020

  • Anonymous

My vivo Y69's camera is not good, how will I fix it?

  • Pogi

My vivoY69 have a problem on rear camera. Its not focusing, blurred only. Help me how to fix it

M3rZ, 01 May 2020Guys i Have advice for you if ur a gamer download quickshor... moreWhere to download quickshortcut from. How does it help

Guys i Have advice for you if ur a gamer download quickshortcut then if its install on ur y69 SEARCh game then click setting there is a Game mode chose the first one Ur welcome

Anyone Els Has HeAtINg IssUes??
CuZ I HaVe

  • Y69?

still nice

  • teaK

Reality, 11 Jul 2019It's natural for 3000 mah battery to last for 6 hours.. dep... moreits already 2019 and the battery is still strong it can last for 10hrs without playing online games. i only used youtube for 1hr and that's it. 10hrs is yours.

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  • Mundee05

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2019y69? nicenice

  • tarak

super mobile , and excellent performace, and strong body

  • Anonymous

y69? nice