vivo Z1Pro hands-on review

GSMArena team, 12 Aug 2019.


The Z1Pro has an attractive, modern design characterized by a hole punch front camera and a reflective back, which changes color pattern depending upon how light hits it.

Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review

However, while initial impressions from afar are quite positive you quickly realize when you hold the phone in your hand that it is entirely made out of plastic. The glossy side finish that is designed to mimic aluminum and the glossy back which resembles glass are quite convincing from a distance but the illusion is shattered once you hold the phone in your hands.

Having said that, the phone doesn't necessarily feel bad even in hand. For the price, the build quality is acceptable and the design is just an added bonus.

The phone is a bit thick and moderately heavy but that's understandable considering the 5000mAh battery inside. If the phone were to be made out of actual metal and glass it would have been seriously heavy.

Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review

Overall, the design looks good for a phone in this price range and the phone is built reasonably well, although the plastic back does get scratched up over time. Fortunately, there's a clear silicone case provided in the packaging.


The Z1Pro has a 6.53-inch, 2340x1080 resolution IPS LCD panel with a hole punch for the front camera. The display quality was pretty good, with vibrant, saturated colors, good contrast and adequate brightness.

Display settings - Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review Display settings - Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review Display settings - Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review Display settings - Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review Display settings - Vivo Z1 Pro hands-on review
Display settings

The colors were oversaturated and not particularly accurate and other than adjusting the color temperature there's not much you can do but most people will find them appealing. Aside from that, the Z1Pro has a surprisingly good quality display that definitely punches well above its weight.

Reader comments

This phone can be used as a power bank also, it has reverse charging system

I have never used a Xiaomi phone but I have Samsung A50, Z1 Pro and Realme 3 with me, among all these Samsung's one ui is the best and more convenient, next comes funtouch os 9 of Vivo Z1 Pro. I have no idea about the previous versions of funtouch OS...

This vivo cannot be compared with xiaomi redmi note 7 series. The UI, design of this phone so terrible than redmi note 7. The premium feel design, material and bunch of MIUI features of redmi note 7 is unbeatable from the price segment.