VK Mobile VK2200

VK Mobile VK2200

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The design and the 4MP camera. It's not normal!

  • Funkie-Dee

James, 07 Feb 2009VK sucks, They disapeared from my country and no warranty f... morevk world is rocking!!

  • ivan p.

please, where i can buy this phone???

  • sheirolyn@yahoo.com

much better if user friendly...thanks

  • kay2chris

with my phone the Mp3 player do not use, you can not the hear other party and the ringer is low, also the screen go blank ever now and again.

  • James

VK sucks, They disapeared from my country and no warranty for any VK product. They simply suck so much...

  • anki

dtox, 25 Dec 2008alls well but what is this VK..any one ...pls tell the price

  • Anonymous

this phone is pretty unique

  • Anonymous

weird phone design and yet its really cool ;P looks like its from an alien world or something nice design VK..

  • dtox

alls well but what is this VK..any one ...

  • dan

I mean....4 MPX?????/ Whata...This is a copy of LG...

  • STYX

Nice exciting look. I like this design. It's different, at least...

  • heartbeat

what is this ? do people really buy thesee kind of phonesssss it has nothing in it ... aliean cell phone

  • The BooGIEMAN

well, it ain't exactly your NOKIA FORTY, but it looks cool, mabe they should try getting partnered up, like Sony and Ericsson.... could actually have something there

  • Anonymous

stange looking little phone :S

  • Mike


The phone DOES has a memory slot, for Micro SD and i only payed 'bout $270,-

  • Faisel

A 4MP Camera for a cell fone that size? Damn!! Sadly it never came out in the UK, wonder if it came out in my home country, the USA?

  • Taylor

When I first clicked on VK Mobile, and saw this phone, I thought it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but there's just something about it that... Maybe it's just because its different.

  • stone

i have never heard of this brand, but i like the design. you can't blame them for coming up with fresh designs to stand out in the middle of the majors.

  • jo23

now i know wer did nokia n82 get its design nonetheless its from this unit.