VK Mobile VK2200

VK Mobile VK2200

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  • eNVy

Why are these people even trying? I don't get the point of their phones and can't see too many people rushing to buy any of these...

  • Anonymous

This is very bad phone with unreasonable high price like 350$. Batery weak, bottons very small, network weak, Everything is bad except the size.

  • Anonymous

Actually thay have made a camera. Accidently they have put telephony system in it HAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

this is the first time ive heard of a 4 megapixel camera

  • Flx

Holly mother of pranks.... what is this? i'd better take an 1100 from nokia

  • deYo

Hi all,
This phone have micro sd slot and camera 4m but
camera is slow:( and bigger problem is signal.
when is signal low call is drop,voice is low.
and battery is low, if you have many calls in one day battery is drop.I'am not hapy whit this phone only good is small, weight, keypad and desing.

  • kris

shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!! looks like a video game hehehe

  • Chris

This is hideous! What an ugly phone looks like the latest toy from fisher price. Useless too where are you going to put your pics no space and no option to expand.

  • Anonymous

This is a funny joke. Come on..what's the 4MP for if there's no card slot?

  • Anonymous

This phone does have a memory slot. For Micro SD. T-flash

  • Anonymous

When turning this phone on, VKmobile also included a key to stick it in the ignition, LMFAO!

  • Anonymous

4Megapixels and no memory slot?

  • djeki

the phone have very good camera but haven't card slot.what is the point?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone have this phone in the USA?? and does it work??

  • mala

I have this phone, and I like it,high res of camera, big internal memory, nice design, and my phone (VK2200) has a memory card slot

  • littleangelmg

it is also an mp3 player - 128 meg is quite small for a mp3 and digi cam - but looks really rugged and manly.. i like it

  • orhan

It is a telephone,it is not a camera.Why you need more than 128 MB for a telephone? If you think that in the 21st century you will carry everything in your pocket,than you should to buy a palm or something,but not a phone. According to me,good for 2007. Better to ask about antenna,handsfree,price.

  • SEAN C

what a minger of a phone

  • Anonymous

Camera only 4 Mpix
Others things aer ugly

  • km

I' don't like this mob for me its ugly!