VK Mobile VK530

VK Mobile VK530

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  • Logie

tracey, 13 Jul 2005And if you have any other problems with ur phone here is the ema... morethank you Tracy I am going to email them

  • Logs

please can someone assist me my son first visit to London he bought me this phone vk530 after years I am using it I didn't realize I had a password to lock this phone
when I switched on it asking me for the password I simply forgot this password please help how can I unblock this phone of mine

  • arif jan

I need battery of VK 5300 mobile

  • Adrienne

Would anybody know we're I would be able to get a charger for this phone. It was my first mobile and I lost charger. Thank you so much in advance.

  • L

Does the driver/installation software exist on disc format or what and where can I get it?

  • fred

i would to know if vk530 is a quadband

  • G

I've got the PC sync software and cable but it's not working anymore. Program crashes when I try to transfer anything. Any ideas?

  • sexy senorita

brialicious12, 26 May 2012how can u turn on a vk530 phoneumm just hold down the "hang up" button! hope i helped u

  • brialicious12

lucky, 15 Jul 2008It does that to me to i think the battery is not fuctioning prop... morehow can u turn on a vk530 phone

  • collie

Does anyone know where I can purchase a battery charger for this phone? cheers

  • happy

i have this phone but how do i get photos out of phone and keep it. had it for 4 years.

  • Anonymous

how do i get the pc sync set online?

  • nik

Waseq, 29 Jul 2010I just have unlocked a VK Mobile D6 by pressing 0124 in the pass... morehow can you get to password option wen you need a password to get there even DER brains

  • Waseq

TAZ, 29 Jul 2009to unlock keypad on vk 530 the last comment was spot on, i have ... moreI just have unlocked a VK Mobile D6 by pressing 0124 in the password option. You can try it

  • sd

a totall and utter nightmare...make a good paper wieght...i shudder at the thoughts of this phone

  • TAZ

to unlock keypad on vk 530 the last comment was spot on, i have just unlocked my daughters phone, which has been like this foe months. #0124, press ok.

  • quincy

how long does the vk530 battery last cause i have change my battery twice and it does not last even for two hours my phone just goes off.

  • Merza Zafeer Baig

inbox open and phone reset

  • Anonymous

zoe, 13 Apr 2009i have forgotten my phone key pad lock and dont no how to reset ... moreyou press bottton of # and it wants code u enter 0000 and enter prees it unlock

  • Dave

Does anybody know how to send pictures? And how do u select all on them? Please reply asap. Thanks.