VK Mobile VK530

VK Mobile VK530

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2007hi, i have a problem with my vk530. I got it from ebay about a ... morei have locked my keypad bt accident and the passwoerd 0000 doesnt work

  • zoe

i have forgotten my phone key pad lock and dont no how to reset it can anyone help me please?

  • katie

i have just got this pnone and i cant get the key pad luck can any one help me

  • Anonymous

This phone is quite good becoz using it since 2005

  • md vk

I used to have it. i traded with friend but we trade back and she sold it!! I used 2 love it and she wont tell me where she gets d cool phones! I live in ireland and we hav crapy fones compared to other places like AMERICA and stuff. Plzz tell me somebody from ireland how to get fones dat nobody else haz!!

  • caroline

might be silly but how do i get into write a message ???

  • Asia

This phone is very stupid.I hate this phone I don't know who is making this phone...

  • Nagaraj

I have VK530 Mobile Set but last one month battary is not working, in all shop there is no stock of battary please tell me where battary is available in the Bangalore - 560079.

  • kavitha

cat, 08 Dec 2008its me again i tried 0000 plse plse plse plse somone help cuz i ... moremy phoneis facingkey locked please help hopw to open it please help

  • cat

its me again i tried 0000 plse plse plse plse somone help cuz i 4get da passwpord 4 wen i turn on da fone!!!

  • cat

could someone plse help my phone says its locked when i turn it on????? is there a special password r sumtin???? help!!!

  • Lisa

francine, 20 Jul 2008Oh thank you soooooooooo much, im so happy i could kiss you. My... moreThanks you also my phone has been the same ...thank you so much for sending the details to unlock the phone...

  • Anonymous

took my phone to centenial and they could not help me! thank you for the password because 0000 as it says in manual would not work!

  • pau

carol, 16 Sep 2006hi, i cannot get my phone to work. The phone has been on silent ... moretry to hold it for 3 to 5 secs

  • francine

NokiaPhreak, 25 Aug 2006To get rid of keylock hold # and press 0124 with the sim card... moreOh thank you soooooooooo much, im so happy i could kiss you.
My keypad has been locked for about 5 months now and i have been using an awful phone that someone borrowed me and all it took was # 0124 thank you so much for posting it. :)

  • mzora

anyone two help me i use to lock ma vk 530 and dail the # key and press 0000 but know its not working can anyone help with what he did to unlock it?

  • lucky

angel, 20 May 2008 My Auntie sent me a VK530 here in the philippines. the problem ... morethe same happened to me and my friends after a little time i suggest you get a new phone like i did.

  • lucky

ouwelou, 23 May 2008when i open the mms it shutdown atomatic why ...help pleasIt does that to me to i think the battery is not fuctioning properly i suggest you get a new phone like i did.

  • lucky

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2008hi did you find out about how 2 reset ur key lock code if so cou... moreyou go onto settings and then security then go onto password or pin and then do change password/pin. and then type in your current one and presss ok and then type your new one.

  • lucky

It is OK not the best realy but maby i'd reccomend it . I had it for 2 years but even if i charge it to the max it lasts up to 30 seconds and then turns off again for some reason i think mine was broken. its a bit small but easy to use.