VK Mobile VK530

VK Mobile VK530

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  • Anonymous

vicky, 29 Oct 2007i have forgotten my phone key pad lock and dont no how to reset ... morehi did you find out about how 2 reset ur key lock code if so could u let me no please cuz im avin the same trouble thanks

  • ouwelou

when i open the mms it shutdown atomatic
why ...help pleas

  • angel

My Auntie sent me a VK530 here in the philippines. the problem is the battery already lapse. then the camera doesnt work. where in the philippines have an availble battery for this unit?and how can i use its GPRS,MMS?please reply thru my email.thanks

  • Tipsy

Hi.i want a solution,i would preffer if the makers of VK530 get intouch coz i invested my few coins on the phone but it isnt giving me the services that i need...do you think with that i could buy another of your make?
everytime i try to access my inbox it shuts off automatically,what should i do with it? no fone is complete without the message part. Get intouch,if you give us a number to call,give us the code too.some of us are in Africa.how are we supposed to figure out where we are calling.

  • Anonymous

how do you turn it on ? ive been trying 4 hours

  • mhijnez

pls..reply, why my mobile VK530 when i receive messages in inbox and open it it automatically shutdown..I cant use my mobile..pls answer

  • pinas

i cant send text message i only recieve a text but i cant i reply..

  • Anonymous

at first its ok, but just after 3 months, i cant open my inbox, everytime i recieve a message, if i open my inbox, it off automatically.

  • mevan


i went a key locked password and camera lock password. i enter 0000. but is not working

Thank you


  • Anonymous

well at frst the phone was oaryt but now it deletes ma messages it dosent let me use the camera and now it dosent let me get to the messages also

  • Anonymous

hi I have the punk one but it's battery is so weak.. it gets empty without even having two days past...

  • joyce

Hello!!! I have a vk530 phone... I like it.. But everytime i use or play the motion photo or the motion box, there'll be no sound at all. Is this like this already? Or not? And also the radio part. I really want music. When I saw that my phone has a part for inserting the headphone, I was reaaly happy.. But when i am operating the phone, I noticed that there is no part for the radio to access. so is this the normal one or what??? Please help me.... tnx..

  • Anonymous

Myne went dead a few months ago :( it was a good phone but now it just does not work.

  • Anonymous

............does any1 wanna sign a petition 4 the vk530:worst fne in the owrld of the century???

  • Anonymous

me again frm the pst 2 messages below: and anova thing... if u do 1 thng like delete a message it doesnt stop n it deletes all ure messages-wht is tht all about???
this fne has a mind of its own and hs an evil person inside it-its mean n nt very considerate 4 whn u go on holiday-it wont accept a sim card frm anova country n tkes ages to gt reception whn u 1st turn it off-if i c service initialising 4 10mins 1 mre time..................................

  • Anonymous

sory continuation of message below-the video only lasts like 30seconds and has no sound, games are pointless, once uve hd it as lng as me the number 7 button stops working!!!! thts a whole 4 letters: p q r s
it doesnt hav anythin fun like bluetooth or even composer-internet doesnt wrk
so save ureselves nw and dnt buy it!!!........it has rubbish battery too

  • Anonymous

i brought it 3 yrs ago-my parents wont buy me a new 1!!!!! how unfair!!!! anyway the 1st time i gt it it kept turning on and off,i couldnt snd or receive pic messages so gt it fixed with contract. then screen cracks 3 times!!!!- i only sat on it once, its covered in scratches the ova day it wouldnt turn off n it froze n started making wierd noises of mashed up honky tonky ringtones. all my misd calls say unknown??? hw helpful!!!! this fne ws the biggest mistake of my life-neva buy a fne based on the colour!!!! its my worst enemy!!! don't buy it unless u want to be annoyed 4 the rest of ure days...or until ure parents (unlike mine) by u a new 1

  • lyn

can you tell me how to remove my area home phone code from the display window, ty. plz email

  • SEXY cutiepie babey

i have dis fone
its quite gd but da video has no sound!!
i love it
is da kutest fone in dis world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love macca 4 byin it 4 me special day
love u bbes macca best bfriend EVA

  • vicky

i have forgotten my phone key pad lock and dont no how to reset it can anyone help me please?