VK Mobile VK530

VK Mobile VK530

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  • vicky

i have forgotten my phone key pad lock and dont no how to reset it can anyone help me please?

  • achie

Vk530 looks fine but associated with much problems. Can someone help here? I switched my vk530 on and it askes for pin code. after entering pin code i pressed ok.the mobile switched itself off and shortly on again and asks for the pin code again. The process is continous till amen. But if i change the simcard this problem wont occur. My vk530 accept other simcards other than my own. Surprisingly, if i use this simcard being refused by my mobile elsewhere, it works without problems. My simcard and hanset are both working if seperated but cannot work together.

  • shima

hi i have vk530.its battery dischargs rapidly and when i will read my messages in my inbox the phon turn off then turn itself on i would like dont delet my message
plz help me

  • erick matotoba

its a good phone and also its user friendly.my questionis that do you have any out let in southern africa which sells your phone accessories? or any other phone besides the vk 530 model that can share the same battery with the vk 530, like the siemems or the other phones.

  • Sylvie

I have a VK 530 and i have a list of telephone numbers. if i get a missed call then it says unknown even if the number is on the phonebook. Can any1 say why? thank you


does the vk have a speakerphone? and how is it accessed?

  • omolaye nurudeen

i wish to download ring tone in my phone directly from internet. what should i do?

  • omolaye nurudeen

Plc my vk530 does not snap picture again,when i want to take picture it whould just desplay something like camera and also write preaveu on it .It will snap but no picture is no more.when i chek photo lock it will just giving password to write and i dont no the passward again.Plc help me to find solution to it.
Kindest regard.

  • Anonymous

i got this phone a couple of years ago and to be perfectly honest its rubbish. it does what u need a phone to do, rings texts takes pictures etc. but the camera isnt too good, theres hardly any memory and the ring tones are crap. it looks pretty but i wouldnt recommend it.

  • georges

i wish to download ring tone in my phone directly from internet. what should i do?

  • Hindz

i jus wana no. can anyone help me wit dis question plz. does th vk530 have a speakerphone?

  • Anonymous

the vk530 is a pretty phone but that is where it stops. mine cannot send pictures and shows 'insert sim' when it is already in there. it is a very tacky fone

  • Daffa

please phone lock VK520, now.
the original phonelock....

thank you...

  • Jabber

For Christy...In the outbox the red circle on the message symbol means that the message sent to that person has delivered. ie its ur delivery report..

  • Anonymous

Surely must be considered the dogs danglies in the mobile phone world , this is the handset that all other phones can surely aspire to become , the color is second to none , the body is fine and no one can ever have a bad word to say about this , exquisite is the best description surely , oh and one last comment on this "dont call me shirley"

  • Sophia

for anyone will the password trouble:
the default password is 0000
To undo the key lock, press and hold down the # button, and enter the 0000 password

  • Maeve

I have pressed the button to lock the keypad and now i have forgotten the password. Does anyone know any way of fixing this? Please Help! Email me back if you know what to do!

  • Anonymous

hi, i have a problem with my vk530.
I got it from ebay about a year ago and i put the key lock on by accident and dont know how to unlock it?
Anyone who knows what to do?

  • Anonymous

ive hadthis phone for over a year its brill if you just want 2 text and talk but other thenthat its not very good the memory is v.bad!!!

  • Anonymous

this is the cutest phone in the WORLD but it has no speakerphone!!!!!!!!!!!!