VK Mobile VK570

VK Mobile VK570

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  • lucy

im getting 1 for my birthday but im trying to decide which colour to have !

  • From_Paris

I would like to buy this VK570 but I would like to know how is the T9 for SMS. I would like it to be as good as Nokia...
Please let me know

  • bob

could sum1 PLEASE post a msg telling me wether this fone has a gd camera n gd picture qualty, how many msgs u cn store how many photos u cn store etc i really do need to know its important i find out soon and no othe website tels me these things thanks

  • faye

i love my black phone - every1 compliments it and to top it off its a fantastic fone!!

  • katy

I brought the lilac one last week for £100 some people say it was too expensive but I think it was well worth it. I recomend this phone to any1 who wants a stylish girly phone and it's really small and light so it fits into your bag easily.

  • bob

hi i wana new fone bt im torn between this fone and the samsung e330. the fone hav at the mo, altho lks cute, is cack , the picture quality is rubish and has like no features. does this fonehav a gd camera quality? n wat bout the video?r the ringtones any gd? plz reply thnk uu

  • Chloe

I bought the pink VK530 last year and it keeps messing up! :( SoOo i toke it back for a refund and i saw this CUTE VK570! :) I feel in love with it straight away, its soo cute and perfect for me. Ive got a Lilac 1 :P hehe. The diamonds just top it off, this fone is a very girly. I love it :) xx

  • Anonymous

wow tht phone lkes amazing but it be amazing in pink!

  • Laura

im really excited about this phone, just ordered a black one
from ebay unlocked. absolutely gorgous, i know im gonna b the envy of all my friends.
i saw a pirple matalic one in reading, the Oracle in Berkshire

  • lynsey

hi just bought this phone for £100 in the vodafone shop in glasgow. its absolutely gorgeous everyone keeps saying how lovely it is. you can also buy software on ebay to download tunes and games. im delighted with it if anyone is thinking of buying one id say go for it!

  • debs

hiya i love this phone but cannot find it in anything other than black! any ideas where i can get the other colours from


  • louisa

i got this phone about a month ago.it is so cute.really really really good lookin phone, but thats all it has to offer. the camera is rubbish.the video records a short time and does not record sound. you cant download ringtones for it.i had to take mine back 3 weeks after i got it because it was faulty, 3 days after that it started playing up again.i wish i never bought it.

  • jennifer

ye it has a video nn its a propa nice colour n oo its just mint im well glad i got it

  • Sue

has the phone actuali gt video cuz if it has thn i wana buy it!!!!!!!!!
n where can you buy the software to download of the pc sum1 answer me plz thanks love yaz mwah!!!

  • Katy

I really love this phone and I can't wait to get it for my birthday and the diamonds on the front look really cool!!

  • Khao

Is it realy pink, or is it lilac? Wife v interested.

  • Laura

I think this phone is really kool i would recomend it to any girl that wanted a really stylish phone. The diamonds on the front look really good and it's really small and fits into your bag easy.

  • nessie

today went into vodafone shop to upgrade my old k7000i which is totally useless! advised to call 191 from phone to upgrade a few weeks early and they did! got the VK570 for free!!!!!!!!got 125 mins and 250 texts for just £20 a month.. suits me down to the ground...and i have a cute sexy little phone that is girly and hassel free!!!! thanks you v muchly.....

  • LU

the phone is excellent! i love it! I brought mine for £100 at the vodaphone shop in Bton, i see that other people have brought it cheeper..but wht ever price you pay for it, it is well worth it. THANKS VK

  • Kimora

This is the must have phone for girls who want something unique and different! Vodafone are currently selling the pay as you go handset for a mere 100 pounds. The main feature of this design are the diamonds encrusted around the screen. I have not seen a phone like it. Two words to describe it, 'cute' and 'compact'.

People these days wont purchase a phone unless its a well known brand but think again...the VK570 has all the basic functions that you need! ok, so it doesnt have bluetooth but who cares?

The only store that stocks this model is vodafone so you should ideally go to vodafone and purchase it. I do not recommend that you buy it on ebay or from china because there is a risk that it will be faulty. The ones in china or abroad are made to be used in that country only and the ones in UK are made to be used in the UK only(unless stated otherwise)

The quality of the photos are ok and the games are quite fun too. If you purchase the wire that connects the phone to the pc then you will be able to download and use a variety of ringtones and screensavers.