Vodafone 543

Vodafone 543

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Cheap touchscreen phones like this (that don't run Android) were still pretty common in 2010

This phone gives me deja vu

I remember playing City Bloxx on this phone. It had a lower frame rate than the Nokia X2-00 version of that game but still!

  • teoM.

it is good touch phone for people who need a very budget phone and not android

  • NIrav suryavanshi

vodafone mobile best feature,high duration for battery

  • Anonymous

This phone used to be VERY popular back when it was first released, I saw a bunch of people using this.

  • anila

hi me anila I have some problms about my Vodafone touch problem........ plzz tl any body me the solution I m very thankful to uuuuu I love my phone very much...

  • edviiN

i have these phone 3years he is all time working he isn't any time broken or...

  • jac

How does one fix the problem of constant recalibration requests?

  • dlegend

i want to buy the screen

  • Anonymous

mere, 11 Apr 2012how do i get the internet to go,?To acess the web go to enter adress at the menu and type google

  • Marto

Can it hold whatsapp?if not can any vodafone hold whatsapp

  • AnonD-183769

I found this phone today at school

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Matola, 13 Jan 2013It is a nice phone and I like it, but I have a problem: I a... morehi have u tried looking here?


Vodafone 543 is good is smart and it's accept 3.5mm jack ear phone, the problem is on Bettery bar sometimes is chage sumtyms is nt it cn even say bettery shutdown even if the bettery is full, wow wat kind of machine is in it{chinese mobile} is better 2 use any kind of nokia

  • AnonD-157308

why my phone's opera-min is not connecting to the internet despite having all the required internet settings of my network provider/ help me, i need to be browsing.

  • Colinto

Why it that it can't install other browsing softwares eg opera or uc browser?

  • adri

good day can you please tell me how do you block a number to this phone

  • Dan

I cannot find a battery of this phone. Anyone who knows where I can find it please e-mail me at reality.chem@mweb.co.za