Vodafone 543

Vodafone 543

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  • WTM

Ja I really wanna get it 4 my mom but I need 2 knw how much internal memary it has

  • beno

how much maximum capacity of external memory this phone?

  • sumir

Ana, 10 Aug 2010@Ja: Can you give one to me? I really like that phone. It's a si... morehe ana i will give u the same mobile bcoz i working for the same compny & i am tecnical eng our there so u can reply me for same & send me ur mobile num plz

  • Ana

@Ja: Can you give one to me? I really like that phone. It's a simple one and even cute. If you just use it for it's "phone" properties it's perfect. If you need internet get a pda or a netbook. If you need a camera buy a camera, don't expect a simple and cheap phone to fulfill all your needs. If you want an all-in-one phone you should pay for it.

  • Ja

I got a few of these for free for my company, so far not one person expressed interest. The screen is big enough for calling and dialing. That's it. The camera is useless, forget about texting or e-mails. there simply isn't enough space on the screen for the virtual keyboard and text.

  • Rry@n

First one!!