Vodafone 546

Vodafone 546

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  • Jakir Hossain

Is this mobile available to buy on market or any online shopping website?

  • fynn

i am in Ghana and I seriously need a battery for my vodafone 546. Any help pls.

  • Anonymous

keandra nyl, 18 Apr 2014cn sum1 hlp me pls, i cnt rember my phone's password. how c... morei cant remember my password so i want to formatt my phone

  • Smeva

Afiz, 24 Sep 2013If u want to enjoy internet browsing on vodafone456, u will... moreMy vodafone 546 it cant downlowd or watch vids on you tube,please i need help.

  • keandra nyl

cn sum1 hlp me pls, i cnt rember my phone's password. how cn i retrieve it? hlp pls.

  • phoneit..

its a blackberry wanna be, yet in the process its doing an awful job. the shape on the other hand is a little better than the old curved models its got more of an iphone shape.

  • Afiz

If u want to enjoy internet browsing on vodafone456, u will have to go to ur app,scroll down to INTERNET then press option and go to INTERNET SETTING,select ur access point and ur gateway(sometimes if it did not connect,u will have to set ur date and time properly and ohe opera mini time should be set properly

  • Baida

Icnt download cardsgame

  • Nelly

I awso hava vodafone 546 i have my settings im on fb nd mxit nd i can use my internet bt the only problem i hav i cant downlaod watsapp...this is a bad phne nd ja the volume is very low. nd plz guys dnt ask me hw i got my internet settings coz i really dnt knw hw so my question is can this phne realy watsapp?

  • Anonymous

Naeem, 19 Nov 2012Where can I get this mobile set?best ladies handphone for dinner functions because of its size oly bateries hard to fine

  • Nana

Ai ths fone's a prblm, cnt login on 2go,got it 7mnths ago bt battery is dead,speaker volume so low,nthng abt it is gud..am strugglng wit my 2go nw aaaaah so boring!

  • wendy

ever sinse i bought this phone i`ve never entered to the internet and its giving me trouble i cant even see where the soounds are.

  • Naeem

Where can I get this mobile set?

  • veibo

can this phone get nimbuzz and phone apps?

  • dav

for the past five months now the internet on the phone has not been working and it seems i have wasted my money on that phone.

  • arah

does these phones take 2d sims?

  • wastony

the vodafone 546 on my fone is not came i sent to the offec they told me can do it 0541443465

  • dissappointedone

hate this phone! cant get internet settings to work, its a waste of money...

  • Simon

Cant access internet settinds

  • lampteymohammed@yaho

this phone suckes...................my bluetooth is not working