Vodafone 546

Vodafone 546

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vodafone should stop being copy cats.............and as for the volume it suuuuuuckkks

  • Hi

i have a ridiculous line running across my screen which wont go away... the sound and volume sucks... the keys are TOO close to one another... i get DC alot on mxit and camera sucks

  • Nerudo

Well the phone is worth its price. Just bought it m yet to get it to its uttermost potential. Will get a more fleshed review

  • Anonymous

blady rubbish phone.shity volume

  • Solomon

I almost returned the phone thinking there is something wrong with the volume, its just too low, one may not use the phone outdoors.

  • Anonymous

it's nice phone

  • Vinay

I understand the ringtone is very low volume? Cannot be heard comfortably.

  • Niko

it's the same as all other vodafone phones with the same ui just stretched and made uglier!