Vodafone Smart N8

Vodafone Smart N8

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  • mE0
  • 24 Dec 2021

Not even going to bother and waste my time just don't bother!!!!

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    • vtx
    • 18 Dec 2019

    Worst phone ever, cannot find the issue whilst it shows issue with keyboard

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      • rocky
      • uBM
      • 14 Dec 2018

      I got n8 have a lot of problems trying to answering calls , I took it into Vodafone and told them the problem it took them about 20mins or so and they said tap and hold the green and slide it to the right and it worked for a while .it doesn't work now.

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        • Anonymous
        • g33
        • 05 Jun 2018

        5 months old ...screen freeze..not good

          hbdivers2, 27 May 2018When I first bought it at Noel Leeming Wellington, NZ, I th... moreThe wifi connection issue always happens with my company's network.
          This issue doesn't happen with my home wifi. The connection is always stable with it.

            When I first bought it at Noel Leeming Wellington, NZ, I thought I made a good choice. Three months later, I realize I need to buy a new phone again :
            -Wifi connection drops after few minutes of connection. Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't restore connection. A restart is mandatory.
            I can't complete an Uber drive booking without having to restart the phone twice !!!
            -While listening to the radio, it suddenly jumps +/- .3MHz. I have to open the radio app again to re-ajust the correct frequency.
            -The bluetooth connection with my headset just stopped working.
            With an other device, it is just not found.

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              • AnonD-749899
              • sf8
              • 05 Apr 2018

              The VFD Smart N8 is a rebranded Alcatel A3 upgraded to Android 7.

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                • andym
                • pJG
                • 10 Mar 2018

                The serious design flaw with this handset is that the power button is a third of the way down the right hand side of the phone, about exactly where your right thumb naturally rests when making/ receiving a call. I've lost count the times I've been in mid-call and then accidentally disconnected by inadvertently touching this button. Why not have the end-call button on-screen and the power button out of the way like an iPhone. Other than that I can live with it for the £80 I paid.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • r3H
                  • 08 Mar 2018

                  I think Vodafone is the best very easy to access I can just do without it . the management teams should continue with there good work . God bless.

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                    • AnonD-742182
                    • Xpf
                    • 04 Mar 2018

                    The second on I've owned. The first was stolen.
                    For the price with all the features it unbeatable.
                    As for it being locked to voda? it's easily unlocked.

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                      • Blossom
                      • uBP
                      • 31 Jan 2018

                      My niece looked into phones for me as I am not very good with new devices. She has chosen very well indeed for me.

                      Thanks Alicia.

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                        • IT Manager
                        • d%S
                        • 30 Jan 2018

                        You can't beat it for the price, I have bought 12 of them for our fleet of drivers.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pJ@
                          • 01 Jan 2018

                          It's a terrible phone. Terrible. They managed to skip water resistance, and mine has already been water damaged. I'd just buy a Galaxy S5, even if you don't get Android 7.0. Also, this phone is stuck to Vodafone, therefore they put lots of their own bloatware on to the device's 16GB storage. Even then, there is no sign that this phone is getting Android 8.0. Most of the time, the bloatware (especially VF Accessories) takes forever to recompile to work on the latest version.

                          The performance? It's not so good. It has a low-end MediaTek processor, which is fine for games like opsu! (an open-source version of the already open-source osu!) but in Minecraft, the render distance is limited to... 6 chunks. That's not that much.

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                            • Kiwi
                            • u{a
                            • 24 Nov 2017

                            Had a galaxy x cover 3 prior. This is better in all aspects except for not being waterproof. 1.5gig of ram was a concern but so far has not been a problem. Camera is better than the xcover in that it is clearer not so blurry. Screen is retina dislay quality and rom at 16gig gives about 10gig free for apps.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Nue
                              • 14 Nov 2017

                              Have not been able to unlock the phone since I got it. Have been operating on it with wireless network. Now the screen got broken 2days ago and can't get where to fix it please help me out o

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                                • dave
                                • mxh
                                • 01 Nov 2017

                                my vodaphone n8 cuts out sound to my callers ,had it sent away 3 times for repair ,alright when it came back then didn't work again after a few days . vodaphone then gave me a new n8 , had it for about 9 days and now this ones done the same thing grrrrr.

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                                  • TheMemeMeme
                                  • pKJ
                                  • 02 Oct 2017

                                  First of all, this is a brilliant phone. It has optimal performance and a good battery. I was playing games for 4 hours and it didn't even break a sweat.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Fw}
                                    • 21 Sep 2017

                                    Ok. I hear you talk about updates. I just wanna know the quality of the pictures.

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                                      • AnonD-701764
                                      • nuM
                                      • 19 Sep 2017

                                      Nope, not getting this one. Smart Prime 6 never got an update. Its hardware is only a tiny bit better, but costs more than double. Fingerprint scanner won't save it

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                                        • AnonD-701764
                                        • nuM
                                        • 19 Sep 2017

                                        Grenouille, 14 Sep 2017Why are people whining so soon about no updates? The phone... moreWhy people are whining about updates... Based on past experience they will only release 3 security patches, then trash the phone. Smart Prime 6 only got 2 security updates in 2 years. Phone shipped with 5.0.2 in 2015, it's still on that version