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Vodafone Smart N8

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  • Grenouille
  • gLN
  • 14 Sep 2017

Why are people whining so soon about no updates? The phone was only released in June 2017. The N8 I used had an OTA update on 31st of August to 7.0-120FCN1.

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    • AnonD-164040
    • La5
    • 25 Aug 2017

    Wouldn't get this even if they gave me money to have it. No support, no updates, no nothing.

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      • AnonD-691310
      • SvB
      • 11 Aug 2017

      Please not buy. Firmware download=not, tehnical support=not, product is "alcatel"? Just name alcatel, alcatel romania decline this product. Vodafone ...support have not suuport and have not link to product alcatel. Update...NEVER. please do not buy alcatel, philips, e-boda, allview, prestigio brand. If is vodafone branded, buy zte, qualcomm or other real brand. For example, vodafone smart ultra 6 (zte name is vodafone 995n), firmware, suport and 4 update from android 5.0.1 to 6.0.1

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        • AnonD-684754
        • vxV
        • 04 Aug 2017

        nope, not getting that. Not even the fingerprint scanner can lure me to get another Vodafone, I'd rather get the Galaxy J3.

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          • Anonymous
          • nw}
          • 13 Jul 2017

          AnonD-617820, 14 Jun 2017just realized that Vodafone produced smartphonegood to know.

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            • AnonD-682684
            • pJq
            • 07 Jul 2017

            Oh dear me...part of Smart Ultra 6 touch screen failed after 10 months, preventing part of the keyboard working. Took it to Vodafone for repair, who examined the externals very closely and found NO damage (I always kept in a case covering back and front of phone) before sending for repair. Vodafone now tell me the fix is chargeable (£70+) despite still being well within warranty. This phone is built to a price, as are it's successors (Smart Ultra 7, N8 and on). I wouldn't choose this phone or it's successors if I was buying again...specs good, great when it's working, but simply not robust enough for my real world use. My experience of Vodafone after sales service is worse than disappointing... A 4* phone, with Vodafone after sales customer service feeling more like an abdication than a service

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              • Anonymous
              • 9xN
              • 29 Jun 2017

              AnonD-617820, 14 Jun 2017just realized that Vodafone produced smartphonegood to have

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                • AnonD-617820
                • yQL
                • 14 Jun 2017

                just realized that Vodafone produced smartphone

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                  • lobo
                  • vbP
                  • 14 Jun 2017

                  better then 10 time moto E4, redmi 4 $70