Vodafone Smart prime 6

Vodafone Smart prime 6

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  • phoneuser000
  • sky
  • 06 Jun 2020

I had this phone together with a Samsung Galaxy S4.
I used the S4 for daily browsing and this phone was a spare one reserved for the time of crisis.
I ended up destroying my S4 due to its low speed. I smashed it several times at the dashboard of my car until it finally gave it- it was very resilient to break apart. It was my second S4 that I had smashed in a similar way in the last 3 years. The last time I smashed my other S4, was when i smashed it at my home wall which left a mark on it and later i paid for that as well by my kaution money.
So I broke my promise this time again and broke my second S4 too. Then I was stuck with this pile of sh*t, made in Germany, called a smartphone.
I have bought two of these in the last 3 years. One was lost (slipped out of my pocket while cycling) but this one, I had to use for 2 weeks until I bought my new phone now. In these 2 weeks, I went through hell! I would cry and beg myself to not smash it as it was my only phone which my life depended on (without smartphones, I get lost in Germany while driving or when being out).
So it needed an immense about of composure and self-control by me to not break this phone but it was really hard to archive it.
At one point I simply cried hopelessly in my car because it was so slow and people in the street saw me which was humiliating as a grown up man crying like children but I still didn't break it!
I super super hate this phone! Now I am using my new Samsung Galaxy S7 and I just LOOOVVVEEEE it so os os much… it is super-fast and I am glad that I got rid of using this pile of sh*t, but it still remained whole and unbroken and I will continue using it as a spare phone further.

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    • Nick Harris 2020
    • 7vb
    • 16 Mar 2020

    Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020This phone work bad and lags a lot . Even if I flash the wh... moreAgree. Budget as fone with a mind of it's own. Switches from Fb to Ig on it's own... It seems to do what it wants on it's own. Weak speed at times. Not worth the $ no way.

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      • rrf
      • 10 Mar 2020

      I Have Been Looking For Battery But Never Found

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        • Anonymous
        • ubI
        • 16 Jan 2020

        This phone work bad and lags a lot . Even if I flash the whole device it still runs bad and also don't receive updates

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          • Anonymous
          • gLN
          • 18 Jan 2019

          Anonymous, 29 Sep 2018Its 2018 and I still have this phone(pile of shit) possibly... moreapology accepted

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            • Anonymous
            • JGk
            • 02 Nov 2018

            Anonymous, 29 Sep 2018Its 2018 and I still have this phone(pile of shit) possibly... moreSame here man, I fully agree with you

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              • Anonymous
              • AJt
              • 29 Sep 2018

              Its 2018 and I still have this phone(pile of shit) possibly the worst phone I've ever had tbh..screen decided to press random apps or contacts when search them. Battery lasts around 2 hours..not good. And its taken me around half hour to write this as it doesn't like 'fat fingers'. What a crock of shite!!! Never again, sorry vodafone

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                • Anonymous
                • nFd
                • 18 Jun 2018

                When I’m texting if I accidentally hit the return key it sends the text even though I’ve not finished it....is there some way of changing this as it’s extremely annoying

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                  • Mr_abcx
                  • t@g
                  • 18 Jun 2018

                  Screen on time?

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                    • Gaz
                    • u{a
                    • 06 Nov 2017

                    Anonymous, 13 Aug 2017My mobile networks are blocked what should I dogoogle how to unlock your cell phone, i unlocked my one for free cos its over a year old, theres a code that you have to put into ya fone, was easy as once i found it on google,

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                      • Anonymous
                      • fuv
                      • 13 Aug 2017

                      My mobile networks are blocked what should I do

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                        • James Sparrow
                        • pkV
                        • 29 Mar 2017

                        Hello.I have an vodafone smart prime 6 with touchscreen broken.I find only in Romania service to change the broken touchscreen at this site servicetelefoane.ro

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                          • Julian
                          • 0C9
                          • 14 Jan 2017

                          Best phone for the money I have spent on it with a contract on Vodafone Romania. Great battery time, great signal. Over 5 days with one hour of internet daily, 10 hours bluetooth and 2-3 hours of conversation. Great camera on daylight also, never blocked to need restart in one year of daily business usage.

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                            • AnonD-626266
                            • myk
                            • 29 Dec 2016

                            This phone is amazing. i have had it since November 2015 and it is worth the money.

                            Also to ANYONE who is looking for a phone too root then this is a good device i rooted my phone 1 month after i got this. No problems. i have my own custom boot animation and other root apps and it still runs fine. (I use KingRoot) If you do root, you WILL loose your guarantee.

                            1. Its Fast (for a budget phone
                            2. Its Cheap
                            3. Vanilla Android (No Skins like Samsung)
                            4. Big HD Screen
                            5. Good Camera for 8MP
                            6. Feels Comfy
                            7. The battery lasts 2 days of constant use.
                            8. Easy to root (Avoids Warranty)
                            9. Very Responsive Screen
                            10. Very Bright Screen

                            1. Can be laggy from time to time
                            2. Not That much Storage (For me as i like heavily detailed games)
                            3. 1GB ram (not enough to play new 2016 heavy games)
                            4. It is not Virtual Reality Ready (needs Gyroscope)

                            Overall i am still stunned by this phone. I love Android.
                            I REALLY recommend this phone for IOS or new users to get as it is cheap and can help you understand how to use Android

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                              • Dabrin
                              • Nv$
                              • 25 Dec 2016

                              Am in uganda my phone failed to read sim cards and when I tried to reset it failed to switch on, it stop on powered by Android. What is likely problem

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Xpf
                                • 15 Dec 2016

                                Great phone had two ... For one reason .... I like them fragile screens tho

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                                  • newbie
                                  • nhp
                                  • 14 Dec 2016

                                  Anonymous, 10 Dec 2016Great phone it has the snapchat filters, which I know some ... moreIs the Vodafone smart grand a good phone compared to the Vodafone smart prime 6

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • PTd
                                    • 10 Dec 2016

                                    Great phone it has the snapchat filters, which I know some phones don't work with, it has worked well for me.

                                    Also it holds charge really well like once it reaches 5% it lasts for 5-10 mins for me sometimes.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mp{
                                      • 07 Dec 2016

                                      I tried the smart 6 ss it looked a good buy. How wrong can you be. The phone takes me back to the very early smart phones that tried to take on Iphone. Its poor in just about every respect and typical of badly designed cheap alternatives (like this) the thought given to the user experience is non existant. Fill a small plastic case with cheap electronic components. Stick a screen on (cheap as poss) make it a phone using Android and sell it as a smart phone. Really avoid this phone. Its a waste of your time and your money.