Vodafone Smart prime 6

Vodafone Smart prime 6

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  • Anonymous
  • uF4
  • 16 Nov 2016

Tommo, 11 Oct 2016I must be the exception, I have never had a problem with mineMe neither. Very happy with it.

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    • Anonymous
    • MyV
    • 25 Oct 2016

    Had the phone over 6 months and will change back to iphone. The Bluetooth is particularly bad especially in the car (new Merc) whilst the wife's phone works perfectly as did my old phone. The device keeps hanging and very small memory. All in all have decided enough is enough and its getting changed.

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      • Tommo
      • vmJ
      • 11 Oct 2016

      I must be the exception, I have never had a problem with mine

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        • calamity
        • mXx
        • 03 Oct 2016

        each time my web and text freebe ends whatever i have as credit vanishes after 3-4 texts and this happens again and again. The last time yesterday i had £8.92 credit. I made several local texts and my credit dropped to £3.62.
        Boy what a stunner!

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          • KingOffNothing
          • pXx
          • 16 Sep 2016

          I love it :p

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            • Znau
            • 0ZB
            • 16 Sep 2016

            Have this phone for almost a year now. had to replace the stock sms app cuz of sluggishness, and thats about it.

            Overall, great phone for its price.

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              • AnonD-584962
              • HC3
              • 14 Sep 2016

              hate it hate it hate it.

              Such a frustrating phone to use, sluggish and constantly hangs. I'm sure this phone will end up flying out the window soon. You really do get what you pay for sometimes.

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                • mel
                • xK5
                • 10 Sep 2016

                This phone stopped charging after a month and was replaced by Voda - they are forcing me to take second hand products now despite the fact this is against the CGA. It's a nightmare, the second voda model they gave me also had issues with the homescreen disappearing - their branded models are crap

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                  • Rien van der Laan
                  • MrR
                  • 06 Sep 2016

                  It has all been said before..this is the most awful phone I ever had.
                  The specs are so bad that spotify can't play a song without crackling sound and hickups via Bluetooth. The combi processor and memory is dramatic. If only calling is what you want than it could do (barely) but anything actions towards a smartphone are a pain in the rear.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • pJe
                    • 15 Aug 2016

                    Phone is pointless can't for the life of me view my pictures in the gallery as they don't show up even though they show up on my laptop, rang Vodafone to complain and got nowhere only called madam when I'm a man and then they hung up tried Twitter useless to and so is their web help Vodafone are useless.

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                      • Ding ding
                      • TCn
                      • 13 Aug 2016

                      Moko, 07 Jul 2016Totally agree!! Can't move anything to sd card when you try... moreWell we have one for more than a year. And sins the android software has been updated its working much faster and also works very fast on wifi now.. And sound has been improved as well. For a phone that's only $125. It works very well. And is still the most sold phone in the Vodafone range.

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                        • Idle
                        • 0U2
                        • 06 Aug 2016

                        Rubbish loudspeaker sound, bottom part of digitizer works rubbish also, donț buy this brick

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 8mH
                          • 03 Aug 2016

                          A pile of dung
                          use it as a spare and in fairness it does tide me over.

                          but it's v.slow, camera doesn't always save pics.
                          doesn't have enough power to open videos at times (instagram)

                          really just an emergency phone

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3Jf
                            • 30 Jul 2016

                            Threw mine in the bin within 2 weeks of receiving it. A truly awful phone.

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                              • Alan d
                              • 3Du
                              • 21 Jul 2016

                              I take photos but when I check my folder it's saying nothing is in the file?

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                                • weezy
                                • NwL
                                • 20 Jul 2016

                                Touch problem it has been broken and half of de touch is not working

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                                  • Ash
                                  • nyy
                                  • 19 Jul 2016

                                  Anonymous, 21 Jun 2016I have this phone for 9 months. Its not great. I have to ... moreYeah im having the same problem and only got it last week.. On my second phone!!!

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                                    • Franky
                                    • mXB
                                    • 13 Jul 2016

                                    AnonD-483719, 03 Jan 2016Hi Savanna, This freezing of the screen happens to me, v... moreThe battery is non removable on smart prime 6

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                                      • Franky
                                      • mXB
                                      • 13 Jul 2016

                                      AnonD-483719, 03 Jan 2016Hi Savanna, This freezing of the screen happens to me, v... moreThe is non removable on smart prime 6

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                                        • Moko
                                        • TCn
                                        • 07 Jul 2016

                                        Yep I think its rubbish how you can't move things over to your sd card and when you try you end up doubling up on items like your music and photos.Now and then my fone flickers on and off then I have to shut the fone down then start up again to get it running. Value for money?? I DOUBT IT!!!