Vodafone Smart Tab 10

Vodafone Smart Tab 10

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  • Andrezw

mash, 25 Nov 2016the charger is very scarce and been searching for it for 3mnths ... moreSamsung phone chargers work.

  • President

How can i take a screen shot with vodafone tab 10??

  • frodo

zoeylove, 08 May 2018can you make a call with vodafone smart 10yes u can make acall

  • zoeylove

can you make a call with vodafone smart 10

  • AnonD-727876

Attie, 06 Nov 2016400Mb internal storage and 14Gb external available but cannot do... moreHi.. Did you ever receive an answer to you rquestion? I have the same problem now..

  • jayamal

i woNt touch screeN

  • Anonymous

Can the smart tab 10 be connected to a tv in any way?

  • shaddy lurker

I have it but I can not install VLC or play music through that app

  • Anonymous

Does Vodafone Tab 10 support OTG?

  • sean pablo

Bonnie, 13 Jan 2013Actuallybyou can't make calls with it, you can only send and rec... morei can't make call or receive, pls help....vodafone smart tab 10

  • Niv

hi i have a vodafone smart tab10 and can not get the charger in south africa is any one can help me with the charger or any other charger goes on it ?

  • Skye

Is tab 10 mhl compatible

  • fya

Please, can anyone help me to locate a charger for mine T10 in question!, as am struggling to find one!

  • AnonD-668332

My Vodacom Power Tab 10 is 5 days old , it is taking forever to RECHARGE. The initial charging procedure was carried out as per advice. Please advise. The machine has been charging for 6 hours and is on 65%. Surely this is not right.
Thank you.

  • C j Mutigwa

Can you assist me how can a get screen shorts. Please can someone assist counsellor.mutigwa@gmail.com

  • Pali

My tab, when i touch the screen, nothing happens, i dont know what to do, plz help.

  • Anonymous

Not bad at all,the battery lasts long and the signal is good. The downfall I find in it is the picture,all is as they said it should be....80% score.

  • stranger

IVE finally have my tab 3 but my only worry its calls only. Anyway i glad wit it featrs

  • Kallie

How do I take a screenshot with my Vodafone tab 10

  • Darkriders

There are a few things I like with this tablet.
The KB is a nice break from typing on a supertiny smartphone and I actually like the feel of it. Watching movies on it is decent with a clear picture.
There are several major drawbacks though that make this a pass for me on any future purchases. Its unbelievably sluggish in almost every use. from opening any aps to transitioning to different parts of the app once it was open including kindle(If you use the kindle app as much as I do this is very annoying). Games like Candycrush lagged horribly although it did play 1941 reasonably well. Construction materials are also a concern so take extra care not to be rough with it. I can't really say if this is a great bang for the buck since I have only owned this and my nexus 10 which performed much better in every aspect but was also 300 dollars more expensive.