Vodafone Smart Tab 10

Vodafone Smart Tab 10

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  • Anonymous

Can it support a memory card of up to 128g?

  • Andrezw

mash, 25 Nov 2016the charger is very scarce and been searching for it for 3m... moreSamsung phone chargers work.

  • President

How can i take a screen shot with vodafone tab 10??

  • frodo

zoeylove, 08 May 2018can you make a call with vodafone smart 10yes u can make acall

  • zoeylove

can you make a call with vodafone smart 10

  • AnonD-727876

Attie, 06 Nov 2016400Mb internal storage and 14Gb external available but cann... moreHi.. Did you ever receive an answer to you rquestion? I have the same problem now..

  • jayamal

i woNt touch screeN

  • Anonymous

Can the smart tab 10 be connected to a tv in any way?

  • shaddy lurker

I have it but I can not install VLC or play music through that app

  • Anonymous

Does Vodafone Tab 10 support OTG?

  • sean pablo

Bonnie, 13 Jan 2013Actuallybyou can't make calls with it, you can only send an... morei can't make call or receive, pls help....vodafone smart tab 10

  • Niv

hi i have a vodafone smart tab10 and can not get the charger in south africa is any one can help me with the charger or any other charger goes on it ?

  • Skye

Is tab 10 mhl compatible

  • fya

Please, can anyone help me to locate a charger for mine T10 in question!, as am struggling to find one!

  • AnonD-668332

My Vodacom Power Tab 10 is 5 days old , it is taking forever to RECHARGE. The initial charging procedure was carried out as per advice. Please advise. The machine has been charging for 6 hours and is on 65%. Surely this is not right.
Thank you.

  • C j Mutigwa

Can you assist me how can a get screen shorts. Please can someone assist counsellor.mutigwa@gmail.com

  • Pali

My tab, when i touch the screen, nothing happens, i dont know what to do, plz help.

  • Anonymous

Not bad at all,the battery lasts long and the signal is good. The downfall I find in it is the picture,all is as they said it should be....80% score.

  • stranger

IVE finally have my tab 3 but my only worry its calls only. Anyway i glad wit it featrs

  • Kallie

How do I take a screenshot with my Vodafone tab 10