Vodafone Smart ultra 6

Vodafone Smart ultra 6

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  • Cats Rego

worst mobile phone I ever got. is super slow, is always jamming, opens folders alone.
will find me crazy

  • AnonD-717814

im having a problem with my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 sometimes the screen vibrates forcing
some key pad fail to operate secondly its touch jams forcing me to reboot it

  • joedaly888

064560, 10 Oct 2017is this phone available in Phil.???hi, dont think they sell this anymore. i know they dont in the uk where im from

  • 064560

is this phone available in Phil.???

  • BertBoi

I've had this phone for about a year and it's great. Love it, no complaints. I will seriously consider another Vodafone when I upgrade in a year or so.

  • AnonD-660684

On my SU6's second birthday, a big crack appeared on the screen, and I decided to call it a day. A fantastic phone for the time I had it....well deserving of full burial rights in the back garden XD

  • Anonymous

Near made it to the 2 year mark but sadly the touch screen has stopped working around the corners. Pretty good but really I wanted it to last a bit longer...

  • Luis Costa

Almost two years have passed and it still working fine. No problems with the tap screen, nothing. Very satisfied wity vodafone.

  • ^-^

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2017best budget smart phone ever - had it for 2 years and it never w... moreLmao, same

  • Anonymous

best budget smart phone ever - had it for 2 years and it never went wrong - safe FAM!!

  • simmi4

Got that phone two years ago. It was good value for its money, having a 1080p screen, but as it turns out its not particularly reliable. I have started having issues with the touch screen - parts of it sometimes become unresponsive, usually the left-most quarter of the screen. The interface glitches sometimes, closing all apps constantly to the extend that it makes the phone unusable. Even though its a cheap phone, I expected more longevity from it.

  • PB

Same problems as the others with the touch screen. It's so annoying.
Don't buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

started off as a great phone with a great camera, but after less than a year parts of the screen wouldn't work so some letters didn't work on my keyboard, and then two out of three of the main buttons on the bottom of the screen broke, so it quickly became very frustrating to use.

  • AnonD-682684

Oh dear me...part of touch screen failed after 10 months, preventing part of the keyboard working. Took it to Vodafone for repair, who examined the externals very closely and found NO damage (I always kept in a case covering back and front of phone) before sending for repair. Vodafone now tell me the fix is chargeable (£70+) despite still being well within warranty. This phone is built to a price, as are it's successors (Smart Ultra 7 and on). I wouldn't choose this phone or it's successors if I was buying again...specs good, great when it's working, but simply not robust enough for my real world use. My experience of Vodafone after sales service is worse than disappointing... A 4* phone, with Vodafone after sales customer service more like an abdication than a service

  • Dazza

AnonD-624313, 24 Dec 2016I have a Vodafone Ultra 6 using Android 5.1.1. Does anyone know ... moreHi
Did you manage to resolve your issue with network error as i seem to be receiving the same message

  • AnonD-681349

Hi all,

I recently purchased a smart ultra 6 and i am pretty happy with it.

I am experiencing a problem when attempting to update the Software (OS) to marshmallow; after downloading it via the software update window on the phone, the phone refuses to install and states a mismatch.

Did anyone encounter such a problem and how did you fix it?

My baseband is : P839V55B01
Kernel version: 3.10.49
Build number: VDF-995NB01-IT09b (I suppose the IT means Italy)

  • Selfies

Does anyone know why Ultra 6 stops support selfie stick from March 17? I can't use my selfie stick any more.

  • panefti

Mark, 10 Apr 2017To answer my question from the previous post, I have now been to... moreDear vodafone smart ultra 6 user
in my phone the storage is also 11.16gb after upgrade.

  • Mark

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2017Hi, Please can someone who has upgraded their Smart Ultra 6 to ... moreTo answer my question from the previous post, I have now been told by someone who has done the upgrade that the storage space available is the same on Marshmallow i.e 11.16GB

  • Anonymous

Please can someone who has upgraded their Smart Ultra 6 to Marshmallow 6.0.1 tell me what the Total Space size is for the Internal Storage after the upgrade. Currently with 5.1.1 it's 11.16GB.