Vodafone Smart V8

Vodafone Smart V8

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  • SavageCMT

pb, 27 Sep 2017not very compatible with Snapchat app. Anyone experience an... moreHave had no issues like that. No issues whatsoever.

  • AnonD-639597

not worth the money Vodafone is worth next to nothing if you sell it second hand

  • pb

not very compatible with Snapchat app. Anyone experience any issues? Phone navigation keys block some of the snapchat function keys, especially when trying to send.

  • smartfonenew79

Love this phone but does it have a facility for answer phone? I.e. Can someone leave a message? Bought in Spain as live here but don't speak the language therefore the leaflet useless.

  • AnonD-695913

Its not very clear the Radio information, according to the voda shop and i know you should believe that its cat 6 so this or a p9 lite is their any other cheaper phone that does cat 6 im purchasing this phone when my EE mast goes 4g+ and allows you to use 2 xmitters

  • AnonD-693843

FYI: Vodafone Ireland very recently pushed an o.t.a. 'force' update that cannot be skipped or avoided in any way. That update kills double-tap to wake. It also causes problems with admin right, e.g. fingerprint unlock clashes with Arrow Launcher's double tab to lock feature. Go figure. Worst of all: I tried 2 V8 devices, and both suffer from significantly poorer 3G/4G reception. Frequent dropped calls where, in 12 years with Vodafone, I never had a single dropped call. Oh, and bizarrely after the update certain Developers Options are enabled by default such as btsnoop hci logging. ALTHOUGH dev options are NOT visible in settings. Result: random and fairly chunky btsnoop_hci.log files - in one instance a 600MB (!!!) after a transfer of 5 ordinary jpegs. Ouch. Since Vodafone Ireland probably didn't cook up the update, I wonder if UK handsets will have similar problems.

  • lil dude

where do I buy this phone? Just looking at my options

  • congousias@gmail.com

Can it make video call?

  • pugsley

why has the contact and messages aps disappeared from the front screen?

  • Jenny

Bought this and unlocked on eBay, nice big multi color notification LED on it. Very fast and nice alternative to a Nokia 6. Smart V8 has the newer Snapdragon 435 also.

Pretty solid specs on this phone at the price.

  • Van

weeebooo, 03 Jul 2017what does root mean???It means to keep the trees from falling over

  • weeebooo

AnonD-681377, 01 Jul 2017I'm sure we can root it soon what does root mean???

  • Van

AnonD-617820, 30 Jun 2017Would be better if it is using Pure Android Stock UI and a ... moreWell duhhhh!

  • Van

AnonD-681377, 01 Jul 2017Got one this morning , used to have an iPhone 6 , had to se... moreSo it has the Apple store ?????? Lol

  • AnonD-681377

AnonD-617820, 30 Jun 2017Would be better if it is using Pure Android Stock UI and a ... moreI'm sure we can root it soon

  • AnonD-681377

Got one this morning , used to have an iPhone 6 , had to sell due to circumstances, had a budget smart 7 prime which was a bit rubbish, but so far this phone is awesome , really fast , does every thing the iPhone did just as well if not better , very happy at the second but will have to see in next few weeks if there are any problems but so far really very happy with it

  • AnonD-441601

Van, 30 Jun 2017Don't know phone, not available in country. How do you know... moreI am see stats at gsmarena my friend so i said my opinion.
Thats not clueless but clever. I am able to read :-)

  • AnonD-681165

This looks like a very decent upgrade to last year's Smart Ultra 7 which was a very good device. I'm getting this device in a few days and can't wait to test it out.

  • Van

AnonD-441601, 30 Jun 2017For its price its a definitely good phone despite i dont kn... moreDon't know phone, not available in country. How do you know it's definitely a good phone then? Your funny and clueless.