Vodafone UK announce their spicey holiday mobile lineup

18 Nov, 2008

Vodafone presented this year's holiday mobile phones that they will be offering on contract and Pay-as-you-talk basis. The contract handsets include some really nice recent phones, while the PAYT devices are more affordable but still tempting.

The Vodafone UK contract customers will be able to pick their favorite among Blackberry Storm 9500, Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson C905, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6124, Sony Ericsson W595, Samsung Omnia, and Samsung Steel.

The Pay-as-you-talk segment will have a choice among Sony Ericsson K770 (80 GBP), Sony Ericsson W350 (60 GBP), Sony Ericsson W910 (100 GBP), Samsung Steel (80 GBP), Samsung J700 (50 GBP), Samsung G600 (100 GBP), Samsung Omnia (400 GBP) and Nokia 6500 classic (100 GBP).

If you are into imaging and looking for a nice PAYT handset, the Samsung G600 seems like the best buy at 100 GBP. If that's too much, then Sony Ericsson K770 is your next best option at 80 GBP. Our next recommendation should go to Sony Ericsson W350, which is a really nice handset for 60 GBP - and the music-centric features such as the external music keys are a welcome bonus.

Of course, if you are on a really tight budget, then the best choice is some of the Vodafone's own including the Vodafone 527 (30 GBP), Vodafone 725 (50 GBP), Vodafone 533 (30 GBP) and Vodafone 231 (20 GBP).


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  • brynn

Sorry about earlier post ,,what happended their i dont know???My post was complaining about eric writing first how sad he was and about no innov8 on list..The set up for voda xmas is poor to me so may end up cancelling contract and moving to o2 prepa...

  • Swoosh



I wonder if in the future mobile phones will have ABC spell checker... ha

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