Vodafone V860 Smart II

Vodafone V860 Smart II

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  • rajiyaa

PC suit is in the memory chip. just connect the phone to pc and check the chip

  • AnonD-120018

my cell fone is lockedpattern attempts

  • Mr Yaga

mahmoud , 28 Feb 2013kindly i need your support to make unlock to the handset . what ... moreThe best advice i can give you is simply not to unlock this phone. This Alcatel made ,Vodafone branded phone is so problematic that it is best to wait out the warranty over unlocking it. If it was a Samsung,Lg or even a blackberry, i would say go for it. But the smart 2 is prone to failures and defects and the the warranty won't cover an unlocked handset.

  • Navo

neptun teg, 07 Jan 2013does this phone have a pc suite?Why do you want a PC suit?? Use an App like Remote Web Desktop.

  • mahmoud

kindly i need your support to make unlock to the handset . what is the way ??

  • Constantco

Alcatel product.

  • Smitty

An all-around terrible phone, Signal drops just by holding it, speaker volume is below decent headphones will hurt and scar your outer ears every time you use it and the unrooting is by far excessive. The battery usage is by far of a class of its own. This is the first phone ever that should come with a pack of batteries as standard.
It clearly is a smart phone with both hands tied behind its back really.

  • 101

Super phone. Bought it 2days back n' enjoying. Worth for price.

  • kesse

iblogo, 18 Jan 2013Internal memory not not not 512 MB RAM......! internal memory 150MBit is bad..the internal memory is 150mb

  • Buozgalvis

How can I use this phone as modem? Cant setup a dial up connection.. Answer some1 plox.

  • Barax

iblogo, 18 Jan 2013Internal memory not not not 512 MB RAM......! internal memory 150MBDo you even know what RAM is?

  • AnonD-111893

How many colours does it have?

  • Young Don

Well am using this phone and am proud of it..Keep it up making this phone..love it a lot.

  • stradivarius

please tell me how to include the compass.

  • kkkkkk

the battery is shittttttttttttt

  • Radotomov

This phone is very nice.Got mine a week ago and i'm very happy.

  • Mihai

bbb, 14 Jan 2013Where I can buy silicone/rubber case for this mobile on Balcanic... moreIf you'll have an answer for your question: "Where I can buy silicone/rubber case for this mobile on Balcanic Peninsula, answer please?", please tell me where I can find a rubber/silicone case for this mobile phone. I live In Romania (Bucharest). My yahoo messenger id is niculamihai@yahoo.com.

I wait for your message.

Thank you in advance

Mihai :)

  • DaveCZ

Have it for six months now. Maybe I am lucky to have a good one, but I don´t have any problems with it. It runs perfect, Wi-Fi and 3G working very well, 3D games doesn´t run because of old processor architecture (ARMv6). Speaker volume is just low, but you can increase it a bit with an app (search Volume sound boost on google play)

  • Mr12345

Edward, 11 Jan 2013I totally agree. The smart 2 is a heavily flawed phone and even ... moreI agree. I also had the same issues with this phone. Everything about it didnít work. The browser did not work or didnít load my favourite webpages; even the default apps were useless. I had my router checked and everything was set correctly. I went back to Vodafone hoping that they would replace the handset but one their Wi-Fi connection everything worked. But on my home network the situation was the same. I was just permanently pissed off at my phone until a few weeks later, out of nowhere, everything started to work. I didnít even do a thing and eureka, all of a sudden the phone started to function! I donít have any logical reason as to why or how it started to work all of a sudden, but now that it does I can be in peace. It better keep working going to through it out the window. Maybe you should give yours some time and see if it Ďevolvesí and starts to function. Just like mine did.