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Peter, 14 March 2024

Not that long ago, Asus Zenfones came in two sizes – a small vanilla one and a larger Pro/Flip. But those days are behind us and if you bought an Asus phone in the last few years, you either got the petite Zenfone flagship or the large ROG Phone with all of its “gaming phone” styling (though the ROG Phone 8/8 Pro were optimized for more mainstream appeal).

Today comes the Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra and it marks the return to larger screens and batteries for Asus’ non-gaming phone line. Well, we assume so by the name – and by the copious leaks – as the company has not confirmed concrete details.

You can experience the reveal live and hear why the Zenfone Ultra is not just an ROG Phone under another name straight from the horse’s mouth:

Does having an Ultra phone mean that there is a regular Asus Zenfone 11 on the way too, small just the way some like it? Well, Asus is mum on the subject. Such a phone is not on the agenda for today, unless the company pulls a “one more thing”.

Check back with us after the livestream ends, we will have a full report on the Zenfone 11 and what it’s all about.

PS. this will be only the second-ever Zenfone Ultra after the Zenfone 3 Ultra from 2016 – that one had a ludicrously large 6.8” display. How things change, huh? To be fair, that was a 16:9 screen, so it was wider, but still.


Reader comments

  • GenZ
  • 15 Mar 2024
  • C@V

how about a Tablet Dock or Wireless Tablet External? The spirit of Asus Padfone would be so much appreciated

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Mar 2024
  • Mug

What a load of sht. even more toned down ROG phone. This makes no sense at all as they toned down the ROG 8 to fit everyone and now they bring this one that even look a bit like the ROG 8. Asus has lost it with the line up. No one asked this model

Is this supposed to be an early April fool's joke? Asus might as well close up their mobile division. This is embarrassing.

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