Watch this vivo on-screen fingerprint demo

With rumors leading up to both Samsung and Apple using in-display fingerprint sensing technology, it turned out that Chinese phone-maker vivo was the first to adopt the technology in collaboration with Qualcomm. A really short clip of the prototype was immediately dismissed as fake. Of course, it was a crappy-res video and a few seconds long. This video is about 2 minutes long.

During the learning process, the prototype takes a bit longer other fingerprint scanners we’ve seen lately, taking almost two seconds to register a scan while teaching the phone your fingerprint. Once the phone is handed off to the camera operator, the way he places his finger is a bit more critical.

He tries to place his finger in other locations, and even halfway off the identified scanning area. Once learned, he teases the fingerprint scanner to see if a quicker scan is possible. After several tries, he’s able to unlock the phone with a short finger press onto the sensor.

Last week, vivo released a video showing off the capabilities of the sensor in a YouTube video and outlined that it used piezoelectric technology that essentially transmits your fingerprint to the sensor under an OLED display panel by using ultrasonic signals. You can check that video out below.

Thanks for the tip, Diego!

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  • Anonymous

Facial recognition (from Apple) and iris scanners work in complete dark. Only Android's photographic "facial recognition" needs ambient light to work. But either way, fingerprint scanners are a thing of the past as it's easy for someone to get...

  • Anonymous

Yes, even the 'fingerprint scanning' visual design is all Apple. Even the animations. Everything. Not to mention that fingerprint scanning is not secure at all.

  • Anonymous

The Vivo Galaxy S6 Edge!!