Weekly poll results: HTC U12+ gets a warm welcome, but not too warm

Peter, 03 June 2018

Some of you have already ordered an HTC U12+, which received a warm welcome in last week’s poll. The amount of love wasn’t overwhelming by any means, but it seems like HTC has put together a solid phone.

As expected, there were plenty of complaints about the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack (and HTC won’t be bundling an adapter). Also, a lot of people came out against the Super LCD6 screen – AMOLEDs have captured the public’s attention.

We were surprised how often the 64 GB storage came up as a negative considering the U12+ has a microSD slot. Sure, for that kind of price you can get more storage, but the price will fall soon.

Speaking of, the price was certainly mentioned in the negative comments – maybe HTC will see better sales after it switches the price tag with something easier to swallow. But as it is, the vote is 58/42 in favor of the HTC U12+. Not the overwhelming success that HTC might have hoped for, but a solid alternative to other flagships.

Weekly poll results: HTC U12+ gets a warm welcome, but not too warm


Reader comments

  • Janar
  • 11 Jun 2018
  • nwT

I don't know why people are so excited about AMOLED screens. Most of them that I have seen have had burned in screens even the Samsung S8, the menu mostly. Really like HTC for sticking with LCD. Seems like the trend is consentrating on sc...

  • Anonymous
  • 05 Jun 2018
  • 845

They also started the nice antenna lines back on the M7 / M8

  • Glenn
  • 04 Jun 2018
  • pHZ

Good luck if HTC pretend sell the phone at that price. I can't see any reason to buy this phone above cheaper alternatives with more features and high quality too. Even the look is too generic for such a high price.

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