Weekly poll results: Moto X Style universally loved, OnePlus 2 gets 2-to-1 positive votes

George, 09 August, 2015

Motorola seems to have struck gold with the Moto X Style, judging by the opinion of the vast majority of you, our readers. Gathering a huge 87% of upvotes, the smartphone may have broken the record for positive feedback, we're not entirely sure.

Record-breaking or not, the numbers paint a bright future for the Moto X Style, provided, of course, that fan love translates into actual sales. With the $399 price tag, which gets you proper high-end hardware, we don't see why it shouldn't.

The company's all-time top-seller, the Moto G, now in its third generation, appears set to continue generating sales numbers that will make competitors jealous. Sure, the 68% approval rate is not as exciting as the one of the Moto X Style, but the Moto G was always meant to speak to a wider audience, and thus make it to a lot more pockets.

The Moto X Play, the truly unexpected little X brother, which Motorola kept a secret until the very last moment, has managed to appeal to the majority of you as well. Splitting the gap between the flagship Moto X Style and the affordable Moto G, the Play is hot enough to two thirds of you - a reasonable compromise between price and features is always appreciated, and an inclination towards battery endurance certainly helps its case.

The second-gen "flagship killer" comes last on this list, but just because the Motos had it outnumbered. With a 2-to-1 positive score, the OnePlus 2 is also shaping up to be a success, though there's always the matter of availability and questionable marketing practices, which may hurt its sales figures.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 11 Aug 2015
  • NJ8

The new Motorola phones use TFT LCD not AMOLED.

  • AnonD-427895
  • 10 Aug 2015
  • FED

Maybe even more important than the missing features of the OP2 is the horrendous customer service / support that OnePlus Plus is infamous for. Their forums are full of it and have seen it play out. Not to mention their OS is completely unproven.

  • AnonD-427890
  • 10 Aug 2015
  • NyR

I'm confused - I thought they switched from AMOLED to IPS LCD?

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