Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ better liked than the small Note10

Ivan, 18 August 2019

Last week we asked you a few questions. Are you getting a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ or Galaxy Note10 and if you would pay the premium for a 5G model or stick with LTE.

Now the results are in and they are a bit surprising. Last year 19% half of you said they'd get a Galaxy Note9 but this year the results are flipped. Half of you said they're looking at competing phones, rather than the Galaxy Note10 duo.

The larger Galaxy Note10+ is generally received better with 45% of you either committing to buy or wait for the price to drop, but the smaller Galaxy Note10 has been shunned in favor of the bigger Note10+ or of competitors' phones.

Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Note10 duo gets lukewarm reception

Perhaps the reason is the sub-1440p screen or the lack of additional storage - two things that we'd have found blasphemous to be mentioned next to the Galaxy Note's name just months ago.

Of those of you that will get a Galaxy Note10 or a Note10+ the majority would be fine with the LTE model. That's natural given that 5G isn't yet widespread enough.

Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Note10 duo gets lukewarm reception

The Galaxy Note10 duo have a lot to prove. Remember, the Galaxy Note was the first flagship big phone, the daddy of the likes of the iPhone XS Max or OnePlus 7 Pro, you could say. Let's not write it off before we've had time to give it a thorough evaluation the only way we know how - the GSMArena review. Stay tuned!


Reader comments

Well the small note is complete waste. Note series were always big bith great battery and best available tech. Small note is just joke. And i still like more Oneplus 7 pro, ROG2, Huawei P30 pro or Huawei Mate 30 pro over a note 10.

  • deter

Was looking forward to the Note 10+ until I saw the aux port removed; As well as the new RAM and storage upgrades Samsung revealed earlier, wouldn't be included in the Galaxy Note 10+. The curved screen still bugs me. Still can't understand why they ...

  • Saurabh

Waiting for s11+ with 5g.