Weekly poll results: the Oppo Reno4 Pro fails to impress

Peter, 09 August 2020

The Oppo Reno4 Pro has landed – with a thud. Last week’s poll shows that the phone cannot lure buyers away from similarly priced competitors.

What went wrong? The short answer would be “the Nord happened”. For the same price, it offers the better chipset (S765), a closer to stock OS and 5G connectivity (for those who care). It's behind on charging speed, however.

Still, while 65 W charging is rare in this price range, it wasn’t enough to keep the Reno4 Pro afloat. We saw something similar in the Poco M2 Pro poll – people like fast charging, but it’s a secondary concern to having a good chipset, solid camera hardware and the right screen (and Snapdragon 720G is definitely not the right chispet in the public's eye).

Anyway, it’s not just the Nord. There are mid-range models from Xiaomi, Realme and others that offer a more alluring package. A whopping 80% of voters say there are better alternatives out there.

Only 15% defended the Reno4 Pro as a good value for money phone. That’s still a much warmer welcome than the vanilla Oppo Reno4 received.

Weekly poll results: the Oppo Reno4 Pro fails to impress

The Reno 10x zoom was amazing, but since then the Reno lineup may have lost its way. It’s time for Oppo to go back to the drawing board - or at least tap the Find team for ideas of what the Renos should do next.


Reader comments

In my country oppo hasn't answer about the reno 4 pro version, and there is no nord here. So the oppo reno 4 hit the market like a bomb. With sd720g and the bonus package (for preordered) it realy is worth it, even if there is no nfc. The other ...

Its better if you are looking for a headphone jack, thanks oppo for keeping it!

  • Max Mic

Oppo Reno4 Pro just look premium only and the price is gross. Camera same as the midrange smartphone, nothing changes. Only the fast charging 65W. Gross Oppo.

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