Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi A3 gets the cold shoulder

Yordan, 28 July 2019

The Mi A3 arrived as this year’s Android One phone by Xiaomi.

The predecessor Mi A2 was met with great enthusiasm, but it appears the camera focused Xiaomi Mi A3 isn't getting anywhere near the same approval rating.

Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi A3 needs to lower its price

Plenty of you voiced concerns about specs like the HD+ screen and the fact that you can get mightier Xiaomi phones at a similar price. The Xiaomi Mi 9T is a bit above €350, but many of our readers think you better pay up and massively upgrade instead of settle for the Mi A3.

Others were saying that the device should be called Mi A3 Lite, as it feels somewhat of a sidestep coming from the regular Mi A2.

Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi A3 needs to lower its price

Either way, we are working on our in-depth review of the phone, so we shall see if there's more to it than the specs sheet suggests or if it's really offering too little bang for your buck.


Reader comments

  • DirtyD

The mi a3 is a really good phone. The display is actually really nice! Don't listen to people cry about the hd+. They will find a reason to hate anything. The truth is the phone is fast, very smooth, camera is nice, stock Android with monthly patches...

  • DirtyD

I actually sold my A50 to get this phone and I put 100 bucks back in my pocket. I had the south American version for 275 and my mi a3 was 161!! The a50 was super buggy, pocket touch nightmare, the camera was meh, but the screen was good. The mi a3 ha...

Yeah and it doesn't changes the fact that there still manufacturer make a phone with 720p screen that cost more then this phone and able to sell them without and problem

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