What to expect from Apple's March 27 event

Ivan, 27 March 2018

Apple's education-centric "Field Trip" event is about to kick off in Chicago's Lane Tech College Prep High School and make no mistake, it's not going to be a big hardware event.

But it is an Apple event nonetheless and we can still expect a few interesting announcements - here they are.

A cheaper iPad is the most likely hardware announcement. Apple's online store is currently down, which usually signifies new hardware incoming.

Currently the entry level iPad is $330 and it lacks support for the Apple Pencil. Apple is expected to announce a new iPad with a lower price tag and possibly a cheaper Pencil alongside it.

Next up is Apple ClassKit - a framework we saw in the beta of iOS 11.3. Using it, and the Classroom app students will be able to learn simultaneously on multiple iPads and teachers will be able to monitor their progress.

Finally there are rumors about cheaper Macbook but the consensus seems to be that it isn't ready for announcement just yet - probably later this year.

A price cut to the Macbook Air?

Apple won't have a livestream up for the event but we'll have you covered with all the announcements in a few hours. Event starts at 3PM GMT so stick around.


Reader comments

  • someone
  • 28 Mar 2018
  • Bct

No -one uses android tablets in schools. Most of them use chromebooks which are still most used by school kids and hence apple is targeting school kids with some discounts on ipads .. .lol kids just comment whatever they want

  • someone
  • 28 Mar 2018
  • Bct

Title should have been "Don't expect anything from apple's event" .. lol

  • AnonD-473024
  • 27 Mar 2018
  • q11

Ever heard of labor, advertising, research? Its not free.

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