WhatsApp developing in-app dialler to let you call people without saving their numbers

Sagar, 24 April 2024

Last year, we learned that WhatsApp was developing a feature that would let users message unsaved contacts. While that feature is yet to be rolled out to everyone, the platform has now started developing an in-app dialler that will allow its users to call people on WhatsApp without saving their numbers.

This dialler was spotted on WhatsApp for Android's beta version It would be as convenient as the ability to message someone on WhatsApp without having to save their number first since users wouldn't have to go through the hassle of temporarily adding the numbers to their address book if they aren't going to communicate with them frequently or talk only once or twice.

WhatsApp's in-app dialer
WhatsApp's in-app dialler

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on a feature called "Hidden group" that allows users to hide groups in communities. Spotted in beta version of WhatsApp for Android, it would only let invited members find and join the group and allow community admins to find and remove it.

Hidden group feature for Communities
Hidden group feature for Communities

It's unclear when these features will be released to users worldwide on the stable version.

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Reader comments

  • yaulet
  • 27 Apr 2024
  • wHR

Would love if we can search other user's username...

Finally. Now they should make iPad and Apple Watch apps.

Whatsapp is end to end encrypted by default (unlike Telegram), and now even the cloud backup can be encrypted. The only chat app that is more secure is probably Signal.

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